EU Agreement Ignored

  morddwyd 08:51 07 Dec 2011

The EU has banned battery hens with effect from next month.

Nearly half, 13 out of 27, countries intend to ignore the ban.

Worse, the UK, which already has such a ban anyway, will continue to import eggs and egg products produced in defiance of such a ban.

So much for the spirit of co-operation across Europe, and for Cameron's posturings about protecting British interests.

No doubt DEFRA will be quick enough to prosecute any UK producers who infringe the regulations.

We will probably see a similar situation when pig stalls, already banned here, are banned across the EU the year after next.

  N47. 10:04 07 Dec 2011

Most people want cheap eggs and cheap bacon. they make savings where they can.

6 free range eggs £1.90

15 imported caged eggs £1.35.

1 Kilo english free range organic bacon £15.00

1 Kilo imported bacon £5.00

Thats cheap cheap cheap.

  Grey Goo 10:29 07 Dec 2011

Ova eggsaturated prices should have a capon them.

  badgery 10:43 07 Dec 2011

".. Cameron's posturings.."

Pity Mr Cameron, he is between a rock and a hard place. Accept the position and save the Euro or reject the proposals and have his coalition party break up.

He needs the Euro be be saved to protect our future trade and prosperity, but a climbdown on 'repatriating our powers' would be political disater at home.

  badgery 10:46 07 Dec 2011


Got that a bit wrong! Should be "reject the proposals and veto, and see the Euro collapse"

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