The Entertaible.....

  [DELETED] 08:54 05 Feb 2006

The next big thing in games???

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  [DELETED] 11:10 05 Feb 2006

A new PC to run them on - or a plie of upgrades - costing as much as a month in Florida, I imagine. Or is that just Windows Vista I'm thinking of................

More shooters where you actually have to think and use stategy (like Spliter Cell series). Is it just me, but what is the point of these incredibly detailed worlds running at 100fps when you are charging along like a madman trying not to get killed? A game where you get to slow down and have a look at your surroundings is nice.
If you want to frag, Quake 3 still rocks.

  [DELETED] 18:51 05 Feb 2006

It will never catch on it will be a fad for a year or two.
modern online games involve more than just running round and fragging people the new breed of mmorpg,s involve advanced political senarios and warring factions.

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And there are online games where you can just explore and just view your surroundings.

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