Enter our latest photo competition.

  Forum Editor 22:29 20 Mar 2013

PC Advisor has teamed up with MAGIX to offer eight lucky readers the chance to win a copyof Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 2013,worth £69 each.

Photo & Graphic Designer 2013 is a complete solution for photo editing and graphic design. Take advantage of a high-performance program with a huge selection of photo and graphics tools. You’ll be amazed at just how fast and effective this program is.

For a chance to win, simply send us a copy of your favourite photo, whether it’s of a beautiful sunset, waves crashing on the beach, kids playing in the snow, or your dog snoring – whatever you like. Enter as many times as you want; all we ask is that you own the copyright to the photo.

To enter, simply tag PC Advisor in a photo on Facebook, or email [email protected]


  Blackhat 18:06 21 Mar 2013

Is there a closing date?

Is there a maximum file size?

If you send email to [email protected] is there a subject title specific to the photo comp?

If by email what additional info is required ie member ID or contact details?

  Forum Editor 21:40 21 Mar 2013


Don't worry too much about a closing date - just submit when you're ready. We'll obviously have to have a cut-off date, and at the moment I guess 1st May would be reasonable.

Files should be jpegs Subject line - 'PCA photo comp' Name and email address required.

I should add that a condition of entry is that we have the right to publish the images in print and on-line at our discretion.

Many thanks

  rdave13 19:08 22 Mar 2013

Given it a shot.

  interzone55 10:05 23 Mar 2013

Just tagged PC Advisor into a few photos from my Facebook page, they're all my own work, and I own copyright, by I understand that they can be published in PCA if chosen

  hssutton 12:07 23 Mar 2013


That is correct, it's normal for a Company/Magazine to display the winning image in their own Mag or on their own forum.

It's the bit at the end that I don't like (At our discretion)

However as there is no minimum image size or resolution stated it's probably not a problem, as a Jpeg of say 1500 pixels @ 72 PPI is not a lot of use to anyone.

  Forum Editor 12:22 23 Mar 2013


"It's the bit at the end that I don't like (At our discretion)"

Why don't you like that? As you've acknowledged, it's perfectly normal where submissions to publishers are concerned. It simply means that we reserve the right to publish competition entries or not to publish them. There's nothing sinister about it. If you don't want to see your image in the magazine or on the website, don't enter the competition.

  Nontek 14:08 23 Mar 2013

I've given it a try, but I don't hold out much hope.

Will be interesting to see everybody's efforts though.

  interzone55 16:25 23 Mar 2013


My Facebook pictures are only 1280 x 850 at the most, and have all been subjected to Facebook's own compression, so not a lot of use to anyone. Most have also got my name on them somewhere.

To be totally honest though, I'm really not that precious about my photos, there's a few of the people who've liked my page who have taken some of the photos as their timeline images or they've shared them.

If I have any photos I'm really proud of I'll slap a watermark somewhere prominent

  Bing.alau 21:19 23 Mar 2013

If I remember rightly we got some really good photo's in the last competition. Some really nice bird pictures etc... I am looking forward to seeing them. But wasn't there also a bit of a palaver over the rules or something? I hope that has all been sorted out?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:15 24 Mar 2013

By what criteria are pictures being judged? Technical (focus/lighting/colour balance etc) or perhaps aesthetic value? Or something else?

And should images be original ones, or can they be 'touched up'?


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