English votes foe English laws

  Ungus 18:48 22 Oct 2015

I see that the vote on EVEL was passed so England can have its own Parliament as the 500 or so English MPs were being bullied by 59 Scottish MPs. Now I hope you use these powers wisely because us up here won't be bailing you out or subsidizing your services because were fed up paying our taxes for you to waste them. Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning of the union or is it time to completely rewrite the terms of the union as suggested by a well known right wing conservative. The labour branch office up here are having apoplexy and are in danger of actually doing something. I think the SNP are shedding crocodile tears over this because they know this will go down like a lead balloon up here even among a lot of unionists. Oh well just when we thought it had calmed down off we go again. Now I am being a little bit tongue in cheek here so behave yourselves.

  Forum Editor 19:16 22 Oct 2015

At the risk of sounding a negative note, I am getting just a wee bit fed up with constant reminders about how wonderful Scotland and everything Scottish is, and how inept and awful England and its politicians are.

The truth is, we are all good in many ways and bad in some ways. Human nature is no different, North of the border than it is in the South. We are sometimes silly, and so are Scots. We think our country is great, and you think yours is great - which it is.

I get the point that you're a loyal Scot. Please stop banging on about it ad nauseam.

  john bunyan 19:19 22 Oct 2015

Providing that the issue concerned is indeed only concerning devolved issues, with no implied effect in Scotland due to "Barnett" reasons, I cannot see why Scottish MP's should vote on these issues. The SNP cannot have it both ways - Hollyrood is sovereign on truly devolved matters in Scotland, but if the English / Welsh want to have a different policy , why should a devolved Scotland have a say? Alternatively do they want Westminster to interfere in devolved matters in Scotland?

The alternative, but a costly one, would to have an English Parliament. Maybe one day, we will move to a federal system like Germany or USA, but for now I see no reason to object. Until recently the SNP "voluntarily" abstained on such matters - why have the changed their view?

I cannot see what this has to do with an independent Scotland.

  john bunyan 19:24 22 Oct 2015

because us up here won't be bailing you out or subsidizing your services because were fed up paying our taxes for you to waste them.

Are you joking? The Scots are heavily subsidised - spending £1600 per head more than rUK. If you object so much to "austerity" why does not the SNP raise the Scottish income tax to pay more in welfare etc?

  x123 19:33 22 Oct 2015

john bunyan

Ungus did say tic.

  oresome 19:34 22 Oct 2015

Human nature is no different, North of the border than it is in the South

Are you quite sure about that FE?

  bumpkin 21:54 22 Oct 2015

Here we go again, didn't take long as usual.

  Quickbeam 21:58 22 Oct 2015

Boyng! Time for bed...

  x123 08:02 23 Oct 2015


If you tak the high road

And I tak the low road

Then I'll be in Westminster afor you

Cos you and your msp's will never be seen again

On the bony bony banks of West Mins Ter.

  john bunyan 09:12 23 Oct 2015


To quote Mrs Thatcher "I'm enjoying this!"

I see no logical reply as to why Scottish MP's should vote on (strictly) English matters, any more than why "Westminster" MP's should vote on devolved matters. Where is the balance and why have the SNP changed policy (They used always to abstain on such issues)?

There was a clear majority on the matter.

  john bunyan 09:50 23 Oct 2015


You did not note my point in the earlier post :with no implied effect in Scotland due to "Barnett" reasons,

If the word is subjective, does it apply to the Scottish Parliament - can London have a vote on the fiasco of Scottish education? (TIC)

The Speaker will rule on these matters. As you know, I am in favour of more fiscal devolution, coupled with a reduction in Barnett, on a phased basis. There must be some balance, surely, if Hollyrood wants to control some matters? Having your cake and eating it springs to mind. I still have no answer as to why the SNP changed its protocol, where they would abstain on these issues.

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