english reading test-does this make sense (excerpt from a test)

  theDarkness 02:23 10 Jul 2014

Taken from a short course related to health care:-

'Q1 - Outline the relevant guidance for infection control under current (a) Guidelines?'

The other questions from this section were similar, eg:-

'..under current (b) Legislation'

'..under current (c) Codes of practice'..

Are these questions requiring you to simply state the definition of 'guidelines','legislation' and 'codes of practice' whilst relating to infection control, or are they looking for actual examples of each eg the rules and procedures to follow, in a health care environment relating to infection control? I thought 'Outline the guidance' was just bad grammar, but maybe it's just me.. :) thanks for any info

  HondaMan 10:07 10 Jul 2014

I think the questions are designed to get you to show that you know what the current guidelines are under each section

  lotvic 12:00 10 Jul 2014

Does this help?

Outline = a general description or plan showing the essential features of something but not the detail. "an outline of parliamentary procedure"

synonyms: rough idea, thumbnail sketch, (quick) rundown, abbreviated version,

  Aitchbee 13:13 10 Jul 2014

slightly off subject; but, it's been 20 years since I sat H-level Biology at my local college, but when asked for an outline or explanation for a particular biological process [ like photosynthesis for instance] I would tend to 'regurgitate' to paper, everything [ I could remember ... which was not-a-lot] that I had been taught during the 30 week (2 nights-per-week) course.

BTW - I got a 'D', but the experience stood me in good stead, :o]

  Aitchbee 20:15 10 Jul 2014

... lookin' after plants and habitats and food chains is now in my DNA.

  bumpkin 21:26 10 Jul 2014

HB your ABC Alcohol, Betting, Cultivating

  Aitchbee 22:08 10 Jul 2014

bumpkin - thanks, an apt title for my Autobiography comin' out soon.

  theDarkness 23:39 10 Jul 2014

Its been around 16 yrs since I attempted any exam or essay myself. I was queried on this, the course is not actually mine (a home course on the health care system). I initially thought for any particular subject, to ever 'outline the guidance relating to the guidelines' was surely someone having a laugh :)

I thought 'legislation' and 'codes of practice' actually combined to form the 'guidelines' on the rules or actions on what may be allowed anyway, so I can get confused quite easily.

Perhaps "Outline the relevant 'guidelines,legislation and codes of practice' relating to infection control" (stating 'with examples' at the end if required), would have sounded a little clearer. Thanks for the replies :)

  BillSers 08:55 11 Jul 2014

Is this any help?

Guidelines click here of Practice click here


  theDarkness 18:14 11 Jul 2014

thanks for the links. I think the booklet the relation was given along with the test was very similar, although far more cut down. If I remember correctly the booklet stated examples of codes of practice and legislation but not guidance. They found it difficult to determine exactly what guidance for all 3 would mean. I will look through these links. If they are having further problems I might email those responsible for the test-probably the best way to go :)

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