English footballers

  egapup 16:50 27 Jun 2010

Embarressing....nuff said

  JYPX 16:56 27 Jun 2010

"English footballers"
That's a great idea - why don't you suggest it to Arsenal - and others....

  Strawballs 17:08 27 Jun 2010

English what???

  Þ² 17:11 27 Jun 2010


They're going home, they're going home. England's going home. :P

  canarieslover 17:19 27 Jun 2010

Back in '66 almost all of the 1st division players, equivalent of today's Premiership, were from the home countries so the manager of the England team had a lot more players to make their final choice from. The employment of so many foreign players limits that choice drastically. We don't even seem to have many English players who are active in foreign teams to make up the difference so we can't really expect too much.

  Þ² 17:22 27 Jun 2010

Expect too much... you always do which makes your defeats all the more embarrassing.

Still you scraped thru the groups unlike the French!

  JYPX 17:29 27 Jun 2010

canarieslover - spot on. Not enough English players (getting picked)at the top level.
This is the exact reason why:
1. It was impossible to drop Rooney who was only 80% fit.
2. A striker who rarely scores was in the squad.

The flood of calls to Five Live right now demanding that Fabio be sacked are embarrassing. Are we gonna spend another 40 years on a futile search for "the right manager".......

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 27 Jun 2010

English footballers?
not really seen any during this tournament.

As soon as a team came along that took advantage of our inability to pas accurately we were out of the competition, a fair result for what I saw really.

  TopCat® 17:35 27 Jun 2010

Look out for a severe roasting in the media tomorrow as they try to place blame on what went wrong.

As far as I'm concerned I have long since thought that our national side selection should include much younger blood. English players with great skills, a fire in their bellies and a natural and over-riding urge to win. We've relied on the 'old school' selection far too much and it blatantly showed through today.

The problem these days will be in finding these talented youngsters, as the number of non-nationals playing in the English League makes that quite difficult. TC.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:48 27 Jun 2010

positive comment I can make on the match was that if the disallowed goal had been allowed - making it a 2-2 equaliser - then that might have given the team enough encouragement to go on to win, instead of trying to claw back from an ever worsening score.

WHy oh why oh why the people in charge of the game will not allow technology to assist the officials on the field I do not know. To my way of thinking there is no excuse at all.


  Jim Thing 17:58 27 Jun 2010

...just perhaps... Herr Beckenbauer may have had a point [click here]

Interesting to hear Harry Redknapp after this afternoon's debacle, giving his reasons for England's abject failure: "The Germans were much better than we were. They played modern football [...] and we couldn't cope with it" said 'Arry, who knows a thing or two about football.

Mind you, it wasn't all pure class by the Germans — our Premier League World-Beating Superstars also failed to deal with a bog-standard Route One 65-yard ball straight down the middle — the kind you'll see on your local park any Sunday morning.

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