England - the land of milk and honey.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:33 13 Apr 2010

click here Someone please tell me that this story from the mail is an April Fool. :-(((


  Quickbeam 11:37 13 Apr 2010

Like I said in another recent thread. Either benefits are too high, or wages are too low.

But either way, a life on benefits should never exceed about 80% of what 40 hours on the minimum wage pays. There are families that live on that.

  peter99co 11:44 13 Apr 2010

Which one of the family gets Disabilty Allowance and who gets Carers allowance?

  jakimo 11:46 13 Apr 2010

If the politicians are being truthful?, Mr Davey may have to reconsider his unemployed status after the election,he obviously has enough energy to work

  Bingalau 11:59 13 Apr 2010

I thought Peter Davey was a character in the song "Jan Pierce, Jan Pierce, lend me your grey mare" Can't think of the title even though I can sing the words... Was it Uncle Tom Cobley?

  Quickbeam 12:05 13 Apr 2010

Uncle Tom Cobley with the emphasis on 'and all' in this case...

  Cymro. 12:21 13 Apr 2010

All these people are doing is claiming everything that they are entitled to. With all this publicity you can bet your life that their claims will be very carefully checked out. It seems to me that these people know exactly what they are entitled to and claim for it and no more. There is no suggestion that they are cheating the system just using it to their own advantage. There are many people particularly the elderly who never claim all the benefits they are entitled to. This may be due to ignorance of how the system works or the stigma that goes with claiming these benefits.

Are you claiming everything that you are entitled to? When you fill up your tax returns don`t you put down everything you are allowed to claim for?

With all the resent expenses scandal in Westminster our MPs are not setting any sort of example to anyone are they. As for some of the richest people in the country with their professional tax advisers just how much tax do some of them pay each year. If the rich can use the system to their advantage then surely the less well off than them can do so. More money is lost to the exchequer through tax fraud than through benefit fraud.

  ventanas 12:29 13 Apr 2010

We are forgetting here that this slob is directly responsible for being unemployed "Father-of-seven Peter gave up work because he could make more living on benefits,"
In that situation, regardless of what he is entitled to, this should be taken into account. But it won't be.
This is just another example whu I intend to quit this country for good in a couple of years time. Already bought my house abroad and cannot wait.
The entire welfare state stinks and should be abolished in my view. If people want to eat let them work. If they won't work they can starve.

  Cymro. 12:42 13 Apr 2010

There are people, some of them on this forum who if they had their way would do just that and return us to the days before the welfare state. So what do you suggest we do with families like these and there are more of them about than you would think?

There was a time when their children would be taken from them and foisted out to whoever would take them and without much care who was taking them or how they would be treated. Or perhaps you would prefer the kids to be packed of to some distant shore such as Australia as happened to some not so long ago. There is always the possibility of reopening some of the old workhouses that used to be in almost every town in the country. The whole family could be accommodated there.

This thread is titles "England-the land of milk and honey". I don`t actually live in England but the UK and that is the way I like it. It is very far from perfect but much better than the way things used to be in the so called "good old days".

  Bapou 12:52 13 Apr 2010

Something is wrong here, this family only has a 42 inch flatscreeen TV. 50 inch sets are the norm for benefit scroungers and their large families surely? At least they have the SKY package to help ease the situation.

May be when the council provides the larger house, which can't be long now in being made ready, they will upgrade the TV.

One does have to feel sympathy for such unfortunates!!!

  Cymro. 12:54 13 Apr 2010

"This is just another example why I intend to quit this country for good in a couple of years time. Already bought my house abroad and cannot wait".ventanas

Consider yourself lucky that you are able to do so. But I suppose that you are one of these self-righteous among us who has worked hard all your life, never had a days illness, never been on the dole, never claimed or had anything from the state in your life.

Well good luck to you. Enjoy your new life abroad. You will I hope remember to pay any outstanding tax bills before you leave.

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