England flags

  WhiteTruckMan 22:10 11 Jun 2010

Or St. Georges flags, if you prefer. I have been seeing rather more of them lately than I have in a long time and, tell the truth, I find it a heart warming sight. I also get noticeable irked at the usual media stories of people being forbidden to fly them etc. But the reason for this post is that I am also noticing rather large numbers of them lying in gutters at the side of roads, on pavements, hard shoulders etc. Far more - it seems - than at other times. This saddens me quite a lot on a number of levels, starting with seeing the flag lost/discarded like that in the first place, and also knowing someone is making a fast buck out of such shoddy quality merchandise.

Or is it just me?


  peter99co 23:45 11 Jun 2010

Made in China from cheap brittle plastic?

  Forum Editor 23:48 11 Jun 2010

which is a shame, seeing that they are supposed to be flown outside a vehicle. I suspect that peter99co has hit the nail on the head.

  Devil Fish 00:17 12 Jun 2010

the problem arises because we live in a throw away society (no disrespect to communities that are struggling ) but i live in quite an affluent area go into the town the pound shop is heaving every day why because its cheap and you toss it into the bin.

this is a sad reflection on society things are no longer made to last
i know im going a bit off base here but my first washing machine was a twin tub my eldest boys first washing machine was the same twin tub that i brought 25 years prior when it finally keeled over we brought him a new washing machine and tumble dryer the washing machine lasted 4 years before making its appearance at the dump hence my analogy cheap dump move on

but getting back to WTM's origional post people do not care these days buy it cheap if you loose it replace it its cheap and that is todays society

p.s my george cross is still flying loud and proud

  DANZIG 08:39 12 Jun 2010

I might sound like a fuddy duddy, but if they're flying off cars at speed, aren't they quite dangerous? All I've got is a car sticker that The Sun deemed me worthy enough to be sent.

  Noldi 14:15 12 Jun 2010

I have seen some elasticated door mirror covers with the flag on, looks bit like the Minis they did with union jack on roof and mirrors.


  Chegs ®™ 16:22 12 Jun 2010

A house opposite me has about a dozen flying,all quite large and a couple hung across the windows.The rest of the street has joined in but without the quantity(though not me as I don't follow footie)

  Clapton is God 16:29 12 Jun 2010

And what's the betting that, as soon as this football fest (yawn) has finished, these flags will all suddenly disappear?

So much for all this mis-placed 'patriotism'.

  AL47 16:34 12 Jun 2010

i wouldnt complain about them, but i would never put one on my car, just think its a bit tacky really, only seen one expensive car with them, looked odd

  dukeboxhero 19:10 12 Jun 2010

Seen one today in Glasgow, he must have been on a Kamikaze mission.

  birdface 10:47 13 Jun 2010

Probably trying to get his car wrecked so he could get a new one courtesy of his Insurance Company.

Probably did it as a Dare.

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