engage your brain before your mouth

  KEITH 1955 13:02 25 Feb 2019

My mum is in a care home ( 96 ) due to a fall , my wife and I went to see her on Saturday , I was carrying 2 bags of clothes so my wife propelled herself in her manual wheelchair. The centres medical sister in charge crouched down in front of my wife and said if she continued to move herself like she was then she would probably break her fingers on her spokes , she added I don't like blood and bones. We were so taken aback that we just ignored her.

Today the same thing happened again so I went to the managers office and asked for her to be sent for. I said I did not like what she had just said to the "lady" who was with me. I told her the "lady" use to have a very important job at a local chemical company for 30 years ,( retired at 50 some 15 years ago ) I added that I knew she had been in a wheelchair for 46 years ( we been married 30 years I married HER not the wheelchair ) , FINALLY …. I said I know I got my facts right because she is not one of your residents , she is a visitor and by the way the lady is also my wife.

I guess I got a result because the woman was given a verbal warning about her conduct as it was not the first time it had happened.

Have any of you reading this had a foot in mouth moment either by doing it or been on the receiving end of it.

  KEITH 1955 09:54 26 Feb 2019

NOTE ….. Should have read I think the staff member thought my was was a dementure patient

  Forum Editor 10:55 26 Feb 2019

If you thought that the staff member was under the impression that your wife was a dementia patient I am even more surprised that you made such a big thing of it. Surely it was a perfectly understandable mistake, given that your wife was in a wheelchair in a place where there are probably other patients in wheelchairs.

There are appreciable risks associated with using wheelchairs, and dementia patients require particularly careful monitoring. I'm sure that the member of staff concerned is aware of this.

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