Energy bills, where does it end?

  bumpkin 23:40 10 Jan 2013

Constant and often unjustified rises in energy costs effect us all. We are supposed to have monitory bodies to ensure fairness but they do nothing apart from drawing nice big salaries for themselves. My bill was around £2300 which to my mind was ridiculous in the first place now they are saying they will amend my direct debit to what equates to £2500 no explanation given.

  SillBill 23:49 10 Jan 2013

Energy Companies seem to be exempt from any investigation on the grounds that they are government sponsored cartels.

  SillBill 23:50 10 Jan 2013

Make that "government approved" cartels!

  bumpkin 23:58 10 Jan 2013

That sounds about right to me

  Kevscar1 01:13 11 Jan 2013

Is that annual bill seems reasonable or quarterly

  lotvic 01:23 11 Jan 2013

The price of fuel has just gone up (again) not sure how it can be forced down :( power companies always seem to make a hefty profit.

A bill will be for however many Kilowatts have been used and the price per kilowatt hour so I suppose the only way to pay less is to use less.

  Forum Editor 09:41 11 Jan 2013

"power companies always seem to make a hefty profit."

Which is precisely what PLCs are supposed to do - they have a duty to act in the interests of their shareholders.

That said, it may be the case that fuel costs are excessive - I wouldn't know, because (like most people) I have no real idea of the costs involved in generating and distributing electricity or gas supplies. It's the reason I don't make sweeping statements about "unjustified rises in energy costs" or silly comments about "government approved cartels".

The one thing we can all be sure about is that in the long term fuel costs will rise inexorably, as the reserves of fossil fuels decrease.

It's inevitable, and there's nothing that can be done about it, unless we make considerable advances in finding and developing alternative energy sources.

  passing through 10:32 11 Jan 2013


I do not know what size of house you have, the number of occupants, the type of fuel you use or the amount of insulation you have but that seems very high to me.

Here we have a 1960's 5 bedroomed detached house, 4 adults at home all day, gas central heating and well insulated. Paying £115 a month by DD. My next bill is due in as soon as meter reader has called, so probably next week. At the moment my account is £580 in credit so that should cover the bill with plenty to spare.

Have you shopped around for a better deal? Have you been with the same company for a long time? I always check to see I am on the best deal offered by all the power company's.

  interzone55 11:50 11 Jan 2013

I'm on LPG from a tank shared by 5 homes.

Last three bills have been around £50 a quarter, but they estimated the last bill as £the upload from the meter reader's PDA failed" and bizarrely the bill went up to £282 for the last quarter, the same quarter last year, when it was much colder, the bill was £125.

All 5 houses on the row have received the same price, even the empty house that's not had any heating on since the owner died last January.

Moral of the story, phone the company and asked them why your bill has gone up, it might be a "mistake"

  Woolwell 12:06 11 Jan 2013

bumpkin - Your energy bill seems to be quite high. I pay less than £1200 per year for gas and electricity. Every time they try to raise my monthly direct debit I phone them and discuss why. Last time they found a cheaper tariff and I saved over £10 per month. I suggest that you contact them and shop around.

  spuds 12:22 11 Jan 2013

Personally I am absolutely fed up with electricity and gas prices and the companies that run these services. And most other people that I have spoken to are of the same opinion.

I changed to a dual-fuel one provider arrangement a number of years ago, using their 'capped protection price' scheme. dealing with this company and the way they deal with customer complaints as become a complete nightmare.

One of my major problems is with 'estimated' bills, even after a meter reader as called and supposedly sent the meter readings to the accounts department. Nothing like having an estimated bill, then a 'proper' bill a few days later, because someone as made an error.

Even trying to get information by correspondence seems to take duplications or more, which cannot be a cost and time saving exercise.

Recently there was a Parliamentary Select Committee 'interview' with the major electricity and gas provider's, and the noticeable thing about that interview was the statements being made, on improvements, customer care and price reviews, all which will benefit the consumer!.

Luckily I am one of those few people who can use electricity and gas to cover my household needs, but there are many who cannot, and the government or its watchdog seems to be doing very little about it. People who are having to use pre-payment meters due to their circumstances are being penalised even further, because of the higher rates that these people have to pay, which cannot be right.

This is a subject deep in my heart, because I am seeing the misery it is causing. Stuff the shareholder's and the large corporations and how PLC's work, and let's start to look at ways of bringing this issue back to basic levels of fairness. I have yet to find the answer about competition is best, yet the companies involved in this very same competition seem to have the same methods and increase of prices at the same time.

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