morddwyd 08:31 27 Feb 2010

My wife had an endoscopy yesterday, and she said that it was marginally more painful than childbirth.

As a male I can't compare of course, but that can't be normal surely?

From all I've read and heard about childbirth it's pretty high on the scale, but I've never heard the same about an endoscopy.

They found nothing so it wasn't any latent condition causing the pain.

  michaelw 08:41 27 Feb 2010

I've had two so far, with more to follow. I'm not sure it's painful, more like intrusive and extremely uncomfortable.

I recall the first time I was sitting in my surgical gown in the ward and listened to a man gagging loudly for about fifteen minutes. It felt rather like I was waiting in a slaughter house.

It is a very unpleasant experience, with a tube down your throat, lying on your side. There is an overwhelming sense to gag but you control this with your breathing. They say it's only for about 5 minutes but it's more like 15 and feels like hours.

You have the option to either have a throat spray anesthetic or sedation. Next time I'm going for sedation.

  Forum Editor 08:44 27 Feb 2010

are often mildly sedated for the procedure, and a local anaesthetic is sprayed into the throat, did this happen in your wife's case?

  morddwyd 09:03 27 Feb 2010

Sorry, this one was from the other end, preceded by an enema.

  Hercule Marple 10:02 27 Feb 2010

I've had a colonoscopy twice, and a cystoscopy once.

The first colonoscopy was the second most painful experience of my life, because it was carried out without any sedation of any kind. It lasted about twenty minutes, but seemed like hours. I watched it all on a screen as I lay there in agony. Second time around, I was out cold for the whole procedure and didn't feel anything. Just a bit 'windy' afterwards, lol.

The cystoscopy wasn't that bad, just a bit uncomfortable. It was the hours afterwards that were hell on Earth. Amazing how much pain a small amount of swelling can cause. Worst I've endured so far. Hopefully never again.

  sunnystaines 10:07 27 Feb 2010

had this recently, found it painless, perhaps because i was too occupied watching the tv screen.

worst part was the no food before hand.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:15 27 Feb 2010

after eventually passing a stone. I dont want to be too graphic, but it went in the front door, but not by swallowing. No anaesthetic, just an application of surgical jelly.

Painfull? I'd rather volunteer for experimental root canal surgery!


  jakimo 15:07 27 Feb 2010

Ive had this both ends totaling 5 times,and can be described as uncomfortable and intrusive,the only pain level I was told compared to childbirth is kidney stones,which I have had once,the pain level being beyond description...Women who give birth more than once deserve a medal.

  MAJ 15:38 27 Feb 2010

I had the same procedure for the same reason as WhiteTruckMan, totally painless (but maybe I'm bigger ;)), although I spent about an hour in the loo afterwards afraid to move in case I wet myself. Kidney stones are the most painful thing I have ever felt and they aren't as bad as childbirth (from all reports), so your wife has my [grimacing] sympathy, morddwyd, I hope you're pampering her something rotten.

  BT 17:00 27 Feb 2010

I think the worst part was the 'Take no Prisoners' laxative drink on the evening before and the morning of the Sigmoidoscopy. Followed closely by the vast quantities of radio opaque fluid introduced before the 'Fairground Ride' of the Barium Enema Xray procedure.

The actual 'Anaconda up the Ar*e' (as described by Victor Meldrew) was nothing by comparison :0}

  sunnystaines 18:24 27 Feb 2010

i had to take two of them first one well not too bad but the next day the second portion was due.

it was rocket fuel i will say no more you have to experience it to know the effect.

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