Ending up with nasties on your computer or laptop!.

  spuds 11:48 20 Sep 2014

The computing public are constantly being told to beware of what you are downloading, and 'all' security measures must be in place.

Having downloaded in a package a 'nastie' (Insta Share Ads) from what I would once regarded a reputable download website (tuocows), got me thinking if those who infect our computers are getting more savvy, or whether we are getting more sloppy.

What's your views?.

Would mention that Insta Share Ads seems to take over the computer/laptops etc with survey advertisement offering free gifts. It can also change content displays. What was surprising with this, is that the surveys appear to come from the websites which you are visiting, which might easily lead to a false stage of security or trust (ie PCAdvisor/Ebay etc)

  carver 07:28 24 Sep 2014

Joseph Kerr it doesn't matter how you get rid of something you have on your PC, I mentioned that particular incident because it demonstrated that any computer can be infected even an Apple iMac if the person using it isn't careful.

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