Ending up with nasties on your computer or laptop!.

  spuds 11:48 20 Sep 2014

The computing public are constantly being told to beware of what you are downloading, and 'all' security measures must be in place.

Having downloaded in a package a 'nastie' (Insta Share Ads) from what I would once regarded a reputable download website (tuocows), got me thinking if those who infect our computers are getting more savvy, or whether we are getting more sloppy.

What's your views?.

Would mention that Insta Share Ads seems to take over the computer/laptops etc with survey advertisement offering free gifts. It can also change content displays. What was surprising with this, is that the surveys appear to come from the websites which you are visiting, which might easily lead to a false stage of security or trust (ie PCAdvisor/Ebay etc)

  spuds 11:40 21 Sep 2014

Taking this perhaps a step further, I recall the days when most software package's had to be obtained via a cd-rom from the likes of PC World or other recognised genuine outlets . Even a new computer or laptop was supplied with a Microsoft operating disk, which could be stored away, to use another day.

Yes on some occasions there was 'bloatware', but most of us knew about this, and took necessary steps if needed.

All that seemed to change when most software had to be downloaded, and 'having your own genuine copy' was becoming a thing in the past. To me, this opened the opportunity for those that wanted to 'hack' any software programmes, because control either security or quality tended to lack what was previously expected.

So was this a supposed cost saving exercise, that is coming back to haunt some of us, and possibly those that are not so wise, until the day the computer takes over suddenly with problems that are becoming more harder to resolve.

  Pine Man 13:30 21 Sep 2014

Expensive it may be but I found the solution - I bought an iMac.

I still have a pc which my wife uses and I am part way through another reinstallation of windows due to nasties getting in despite being extremely careful and thorough. They are now coming attached to all sorts of well known companies. I had my last one when I downloaded iTunes.

  BillSers 08:52 22 Sep 2014

I use Unchecky which unticks those sneeky boxes that installs crap on freeware click here

  spuds 11:29 22 Sep 2014


Just downloaded Unchecky to see what it can and will do, but I don't see how it can untick boxes that are not there to tick or untick, because the 'nastie' is 'hidden' within a programme, as is the problem I am referring about.

  BillSers 12:05 22 Sep 2014

My bad. I thought because the installing of progs usually comes with a variety of devious methods to install crapware Unchecky sees them, even some 'hidden' ones. So crapware is now hidden inside the progs? That's a new one on me.

I use 3 tools to eliminate crapware/ad popups etc, Junkware Removal Tool, ADW Cleaner and RogueKiller, all free. That's after running MBAM.

  carver 14:36 22 Sep 2014

Pine Man sorry to tell you but the days when an Apple iMac was secure are long gone, more and more viruses are starting to target them every month.

You may not even know you have one on a iMac and it could just be using your machine as a host.

There is no such thing as a "secure" computer, once you connect to the web you are a target.

  Pine Man 16:07 22 Sep 2014

Carver don't confuse malware with viruses.

Macs do occasionally suffer from malware attacks BUT, according to all the expert advice I researched before buying an iMac, macs do not suffer from attacks by viruses. I now subscribe to a Mac Forum as well as this one and all of the reports of virus attacks reported turn out to be malware and most of this has no effect on a Mac but, as you say, could then be passed on to a poor PC user.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 22 Sep 2014

Didn't Eve tempt Adam with an Apple?


  Aitchbee 19:58 22 Sep 2014

" Didn't Eve tempt Adam with an Apple?"

Yes ... but they were a lot cheaper in them days.

  Menzie 21:53 22 Sep 2014

For me Windows has been fine, I'm currently using Avast Internet Security 2014 and Malware bytes Pro on my system.

My laptop has been switched over to Linux Mint, it runs well enough but sadly for my needs is some way off replacing Windows on my desktop

I have over 300 PC game titles and unfortunately at this time the only way to play all the latest titles is via Windows.

I'm impressed with Mint and how swift it is but the graphics performance on my laptop is below what I got with Windows. Using Windows my S3 Chrome graphics chip set could run most 2D titles and older 3D titles satisfactorily. Under Linux there are no official 3rd party drivers and the ones on there means even simple gaming is a no-no.

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