The end of a a very public love affair!

  Aitchbee 19:46 20 Feb 2019

I'm talking about CDs and DVDs for borrowing.

Just found out today that Glasgow's Public Lending Libraries no longer lend out the shiny discs.

It's enough to make a man cry.

  BT 09:11 21 Feb 2019

I'm talking about CDs and DVDs for borrowing.

There used to be several Video rental shops on most high streets both private and the chains like Blockbuster, but they are few and far between these days. They have been replaced by the services on Amazon, Netflix as well as Sky and Virgin where you can 'Rent' a movie for very little money and with so much less effort than having to take a trip down to your local rental outlet, as well as purchasing the download if you wish to keep it.

  Menzie 01:46 22 Feb 2019

CDs and DVDs aren't really where the money is any more.

For musicians and performers the money nowadays now comes from streaming. The more an artist is streamed, the more revenue they are paid. Services like Spotify get albums launched at midnight now. There is no more waiting for a store to open or the postie to arrive.

For movies and TV shows the money comes from streaming services and worldwide licensing by cable and TV networks. Netflix for instance is currently paying $100 Million a year to host the show Friends.

My local library has stopped giving out some forms of physical media. To partake in such things one now has to either download an app on their mobile device or access a website on their computer.

With the application they currently offer streaming music, e-books, and audio books.

DVDs can still be rented, as well as Go Pro camera kits, something called a Starling Kit which appears to be some sort of literacy tracker for small children. There are also children's educational tablets available to borrow.

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