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End pensioner benefits to help young', peers say

  Cymro. 13:36 25 Apr 2019

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Well I'm a pensioner and as long as the money did actually go to help the deserving young then I would be willing to agree.

  beeuuem~2 14:32 25 Apr 2019

The total costs of these 'benefits' is less than £6 billion p.a. This is less than 0.75% of government income, lees than half of that spent on overseas aid for such things as pop bands. Given the wastage and mismanagement of money by all governments this is a negligible amount and does make a needed and welcome difference to the living standards of many pensioners.

If you really believe that this money would and could be better spent elsewhere, you have more faith in politicians than I do.

This suggestion smacks more of political games to maintain the impression that those who have contributed all their working lives are somehow getting something for nothing and living high on the hog, rather than receiving one of the worst pensions in the world and often having to struggle to pay bills.

  Pine Man 15:08 25 Apr 2019


This suggestion smacks more of political games

Spot on!

I couldn't agree more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:38 25 Apr 2019

As the population is getting older this is a good way to lose votes.

  BT 17:37 25 Apr 2019

800 Peers x £300/day = £240,000/day if they all turn up.

  Pine Man 18:47 25 Apr 2019


That would be a nice supplement to my pension!

  Quickbeam 18:50 25 Apr 2019

Underestimate the power of the grey vote at your peril!

  lotvic 22:34 25 Apr 2019

I think the Peers should look to themselves if they want to give to the 'deserving young'. Estimated cost £93million per year according to click here

  LastChip 22:53 25 Apr 2019

Cymro, try living on the State Pension and then see if these "little extras" make a difference.

Fortunately, I don't have to, but there are many that do.

"800 Peers x £300/day = £240,000/day if they all turn up."

Well, there's a saving to be made. Get rid of 400 of them (and it would still be too many) = £120,000 a day (say) times 160 days = £19.2m saved.

Now, if India can manage a country of its size with just 545 members, why do we need 650? Cut that to 350 so; 300 x (say) £100,000 (salary and expenses) that's another £30m saved.

Not withstanding all the Civil Servants that would go too.

Sacking useless Ministers that cost the tax payer (I think) £30m for not carrying out proper tendering, another saving.

The list is endless!

  lotvic 13:06 26 Apr 2019

KEITH 1955, the system in place is precisely to stop fraud/unscrupulous relatives. A person should pay for their care if they have the resources/assets. Having seen the 'care' that a person might get via the other (free) route, I'll happily cash in my assets to pay for private care, that's partly what I've been working for - to provide for myself in my dotage.

  HondaMan 22:26 26 Apr 2019

Does a 97 yr old deserve to be treated this way when she may not even see tomorrow.. No, but on the other hand, why should the rest of the community subsidise those with the ability to pay for themselves

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