Is this the end of one chapter - or the beginning of many others!

  spuds 13:17 28 Nov 2014

To me personally, this was a case that never should have happened. click here do you think and more so, what has it proved?.


  john bunyan 14:03 28 Nov 2014

Whatever the true words were, it reflects badly on the police federation (phoney witness) and on the arrogant politician. He should not have shouted and used bad language and was even more foolish to sue for libel (shades of Neil Hamilton vs. al- Fayed). The cost risk was too great. Coupled with the taxi driver and David Mellor it is truly amazing how detached from the real world some of these people are (all parties). I wonder if he will throw good money after bad by an appeal? The "plebs" - like me - could never afford to even think of suing.

  Flak999 14:31 28 Nov 2014

It has proved what many of us have known for a long time. Politicians of whatever flavour have a sneering contempt for the electorate, whether they be patrician Conservative cabinet minister abusing police officers or social climbing Labour shadow cabinet ministers ridiculing voters on twitter, their total contempt for the rest of us plebeians is plain for all to see.

I hope Andrew Mitchell will feel that the three million pounds it is estimated to have cost him to bring this abortive libel action was money well spent!

He could have avoided his reputation and his career being trashed in such a spectacular way by just issuing a simple apology at the time. Oh but I forgot, patricians do not apologise to plebs do they?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 28 Nov 2014

Something so blown out of proportion

We all say things we regret in the heat of the moment. This could have been settled with a profound apology to those concern either immediately or the next day.

  john bunyan 14:44 28 Nov 2014

Or, in Latin, Numquam excusare.

  HondaMan 15:23 28 Nov 2014

IMHO, it's cases like this that show a person's fitness to be a part of, dare I say it, the governing class. Mr Mitchell should now completely withdraw from public life as he has been exposed as someone who is not to be trusted.

  bumpkin 18:48 28 Nov 2014

A typical waste of time and money by those that believe they are above everyone else. I apply that comment to both sides who both should have more sense than to let it go to this level. As for chapters, beginning of many most likely with todays attitudes.

  mole1944 19:12 28 Nov 2014

Hindsight is always 20/20,but an apology a handshake and say £1,000 to a charity of the policemans choosing equals honour settled.

  Flak999 22:53 28 Nov 2014

Looks like he wont have any problem paying his bills! Mitchells assets

"According to the Register of Members’ Interests, he has been earning up to £6,000 a day working for the City firm Investec."

  BillSers 09:03 29 Nov 2014

What amused me about the entire affair was the 'f' word wasn't even thought to be derogatory but the pleb word was considered to be the ultimate insult. Definition: of, relating to, or characteristic of the common people, esp those of Rome.

Now the non-pleb arrogant politician faces financial ruin. Good riddance.

  spuds 10:25 29 Nov 2014

"Now the non-pleb arrogant politician faces financial ruin. Good riddance."

But is this true, because going on media reports, this person as "enough money to meet his debts", and by all accounts he does.

Perhaps its just me, but I will never understand how these type of people make an awful lot of fuss about incidents of this kind. Yet I would suspect that in their walks of life they have heard similar, either directed towards them or in similar circles.

I would also suspect that every minute of every hour, someone, somewhere is being called something or another, yet just shrug it off as being 'just one of those things'. I know I certainly have. But then I am perhaps not one of those people who thinks money, power and possibly higher education speaks the loudest.

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