The End Of An Era For Me

  Crosstrainer2 15:38 09 Jul 2011

For the first time in more decades than I can remember, I no longer own a self-built high end PC.

A strange feeling, as I sit here, typing this on my laptop, which frankly I wouldn't be using if my ipad was not on charge.

The cable spaghetti has gone, the power leads, the surround sound speakers, the lot. A shelf, once crammed to the gunnel's with PC games awaits it's new collection of software.

Oh, I'm under no illusions friends will need help, things will break, "Phone Jeff...He can fix it for you" will still be a feature of life.

But it's a strange feeling after so many years.

Then,in order to cheer myself up, I only have to look at what is about to land on my doorstep:

But I wonder, just how far have Microsoft fallen behind? And how much longer they will continue to churn out over-bloated Operating Systems which they will expect users to buy.

I was always a PC person, I started with DOS 3, I was there at the beginning of it all, and I'm glad I was.

And whilst products like Office (yes a copy for mac is on my new machine) will remain the standard for now, allow me to add a caveat for MS:

The tide, Mr Gates is turning.

  Crosstrainer2 16:00 09 Jul 2011

fourm member

Noted, Snow Leopard will be upgraded to Lion this coming week (I'm on top of this because I have been an active participant in Apple Communities for some time now)

When my newbie arrives, the first thing I will have to do is an OS upgrade (free) Because mine is a custom build, and ordered a few weeks back Snow Leopard will be on it when it comes.

No Backup required (although it;s wise of course) just a one hit, there you go Lion.

No cables, no fuss, and even die hard PC people will have to admit, a design icon.

I'm looking forward to it, like I said, it really is the end of an era for me :))

  Crosstrainer2 16:27 09 Jul 2011

fourm member

One for your friend:

  Crosstrainer2 16:28 09 Jul 2011
  Crosstrainer2 16:42 09 Jul 2011

fourm member

I'm sure it's going to be a learning curve for me too. I have used Linux in many forms, and dabbled with OSX and Leopard, but I have purchased some very high end video and photo software, (Final Cut) And it's going to be an adjustment for sure.

Apple products awhen you first use them are not very intuitive, but thats the fun :)) I remember when I bought my first ipad, no manual, just a small laminated card telling you to download itunes and plug the ipad into your usb port.

That's it, same with my ipad 2 and my iphone, apple TV? 4 small Pages.

I like the "work it out yourself" approach, but it;s not for everyone!

  Crosstrainer2 17:37 09 Jul 2011

Just been browsing the helproom, and notice quite a few mac related questions.

Even one about Final Cut Pro which is the video editing software coming with mine.

I can't see major companies (except high end art and design outfits) suddenly switching it's just to costly. But, judging from post's here, The wind of change is starting to blow.

  Brumas 17:47 09 Jul 2011

When you get it you will quickly appreciate why I changed years ago :o} To quote that old (well, made up actually) saying....

An iMac today gives you work, rest and play, oi-vay ;o}}

I'll get my coat and cancel my subscription to Poet's'R'Us!!

  Crosstrainer2 17:57 09 Jul 2011

Brumas LOL! I'm going to be totally wireless, everything streams to my home cinema and DTS system using Airport.

No wires (I keep looking for them, but they are gone) And with an ipad2 , iphone Apple TV. It's just going to be so much better. The spec is top end and described as "Awesome" by my "Personal Sales Assistant" (American for gentle sell, be persistent, talk about ANYTHING the customer wants to...But CLOSE THAT SALE!)

She was actually very nice, but 1.5 hours (free) call time....I can build a PC in that time....Oops I don't do that anymore!

  Diemmess 18:07 09 Jul 2011

The wind of change has reached Force 1 on the Beaufort Scale - on and off. In fact not yet strong enough to scatter thistle seeds or make any difference to the Microsoft empire.

A computer to the average person who has one, means Windows... Oh and if asked will know of certain brands and types of associated hardware.

They will have heard of Apple Mac but long since have succumbed to the selling methods of chain stores and supermarkets which always seem to push all the software they can into the primary sale.

I don't have the courage to change, but I do think about it. Anyone I know who has one is pleased with their Apple. It looks good, is beautifully made and seems fuss free.

However, I'm knocking on, can use what I have, and am quite happy with XP until I can't use such an 'old' OS any more. After all it is quite an improvement on DOS 4.

  shellship 18:17 09 Jul 2011


We must be the same age - I entirely agree with you.

  rdave13 18:18 09 Jul 2011


Good luck with your Apple. Hope you enjoy it. Sis changed a few years ago and wouldn't go back to Windows.

Me? Well, I'm a bit of a skinflint and Windows suits me OK.

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