The End of the CD Player?

  morddwyd 09:31 20 Nov 2009

Linn, a company which makes high end hi fi, is to cease manufacture of cd systems.

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Howver, the bit that surprises me is this

"The firm, ................., said discerning customers recognised the superior quality of digital streaming."

I thought conventional wisdom was the opposite, a digital audio stream is of poor quality, or does it depend on the format?

  Hercule Marple 11:08 20 Nov 2009

I've never heard of Linn. I have about 300 original music CDs, and several CD players dotted around my house (and car), and they're not going anywhere! This is my final music format. Not that there's much left I'd want to buy. I did buy an MP3 player years ago, but I soon abandoned it. It was handy for the gym, but when I stopped going there I had no use for it.

Standard DVD is also my final video format. Have about five hundred original DVDs. No Blu Ray or downloading for me. I'm settled in for the home run to the grave now, lol.

  jakimo 11:59 20 Nov 2009

Linn cater for the high end of the market,and it comes as no surprise as its been said for some time that CD\DVD medium would move on to something else,afterall thats progress and its only a matter of time before the rest follow

  donki 12:15 20 Nov 2009

Actually thinking about it I cant rememember the last time I had a audio CD in my hand, a bit surprising really considering how much music I listen to. When in the house my pc plays the majority of the music I listen to. when in the car its my iPod via the headunit, on the go its my ipod or phone. Having said this I would be surprised if they are removed from all audio equipment in the near future.

  Hercule Marple 17:00 20 Nov 2009

CD players and discs are robust and cheap. I'm still using the same hi-fi unit I bought in 1990, and none of my discs have deteriorated at all (and they're easy to backup anyway).

Progress? You can keep it.

  Quickbeam 17:12 20 Nov 2009

That's a cracking name, I have this vision of a knitting spinster with a waxed moustache:)

  Hercule Marple 17:22 20 Nov 2009

Haha, I was thinking of going the Sherlock Poirot route, but I wanted to honour both of Christie's great detectives. Holmes is a great character, but his cases are nowhere near as complex as the ones those two had to unravel.

Anyway, back to the much maligned and apparently soon to be bumped off CD format..........

  jakimo 17:38 20 Nov 2009

Manufacturers are not making much profit out of them then,unlike the hundreds of pounds the cd player sold at when they first came out,another reason why they want to introduce new technoligy...remember vinyl?

  AL47 18:00 20 Nov 2009

i dont use cds in the car any more cause so many go wrong, just connect my phone to it and im done, also with an mp3 player theres no need to cart CDs around,

i havent got many cds, and will not buy anymore, Hifi/portable and car, its all mp3

the quality of mp3 can be higher = or lower than cds

  Pineman100 18:38 20 Nov 2009

Linn have been around for several decades - they used to make very high quality record turntables (any fellow oldies remember the Linn Sondek?).

But I'm astonished that they feel the CD has had its day. MP3 downloads are increasingly popular, yes, but the quality of the compressed music file is inferior to that on a CD. And I would expect a high-end company like Linn to support the superior medium.

  Curio 18:52 20 Nov 2009

I do not understand how Linn can say that a CD transferred to a Hard Drive produces better sound. The Computer's Sound Card will influence the final output and in some cases that is just an add on to the Motherboard.

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