Empty Olympic Seats

  Quickbeam 09:17 29 Jul 2012

That was one of the main things that Seb Coe promised to address after the same empty Olympic seats were seen at Bejing and Greece (Australia don't do empty sports seats).

But I can see plenty of them in London as well. The reason being given is that they are the sponsors corporate gift seats that aren't taken up by those that aren't interested in the games or have more interest in mingling at the event champagne reception.

I would hope that they would start to start and give them away to those that pay a fiver for basic entry to the Olympic park if the freebee set don't fill them within half an hour of the event starting.

This is not just an Olympic problem, up to 10% of other major event seats remain empty for the same reason.

  SparkyJack 09:26 29 Jul 2012

You are on the right lines QB.

Those seats are likely to be corporate blocks.

They should be 'released ' if not free 30 minutes before event if not claimed.

  KRONOS the First 09:47 29 Jul 2012

Very interesting article in the Times today about widespread corruption in regards to seats. It seems like at least 54 counties were involved.But as has been pointed out large blocks of seats were handed to the corporate sponsors who once they had got their ads in place and attended the champagne events prior to,during and after the opening ceremony they will have little interest until of course the closing ceremony.

On a separate issue on tickets, only 6.5000 tickets were sold for the USA vs France women's football match at Hampden Park (Glasgow) were sold and another 34,000 were given away, but the organisers left it so late with the giveaways that schools etc found it difficult to organise staff cover. So a pretty empty Scottish national stadium was the result.

  Quickbeam 10:23 29 Jul 2012

I like your suggestion SparkyJack, 'They should be 'released ' if not free 30 minutes before event if not claimed'.

Instead of issuing corporate seat tickets, issue corporate seat vouchers. If the seating voucher isn't swapped for an event seating ticket within half an hour of the event start (that forces the voucher holder to do something positive to gain entry), release the event seating ticket at event minimum seat price, leaving the voucher holders locked out of the event arena to watch on the TV while quaffing their champagne and canapé in the corporate receptions!

Some people will get an unexpected treat, and the event seating will be full. Major events always have people trying to get in when they're sold out, so there should be no shortage of takers, especially for the track and field finals days when we'll see empty seats too.

  sunnystaines 10:33 29 Jul 2012

watched gymnastics on tv huge amount of empty seats same with swimming i would have thought these would have popular

  Nontek 10:59 29 Jul 2012

Umpteen million squillions tuned in to the Games on TV around the World - how do 'they' know? I would like to see a breakdown by Country, of numbers of Games viewers.

  KRONOS the First 11:20 29 Jul 2012

* I would like to see a breakdown by Country, of numbers of Games viewers.*

I want to see their names.LOL

  OTT_B 11:31 29 Jul 2012

Given the lottery process of seat allocations, it's certainly frustrating that there are so many left empty now, even for some of the high demand events - watching some of the opening ceremony on Friday night, there were a fair number of seats unattended.

I'm not sure that releasing the seats to the public 30 minutes before an event start would work though. If you have tickets for the mens 5000m, you will also see a lot of other sports too making it practically impossible to ticket by event, at least for track and field. Even if you could open up the tickets 30 min before the start of an event, it would only benefit people within 30 minutes of the event location, and that in turn would cause problems. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of tickets being made available, especially if it's for reduced cost.

  Quickbeam 11:44 29 Jul 2012

For event, read it as the arena entry, not the individual event of many within the arena.

Not 30 minutes? The day before then, you should have to confirm your intention to attend by swapping your attendance voucher for a seat ticket in person. Only the dedicated will bother to do that, and we don't really want the non to bothereds there do we?

Let it become the norm to see it as selfish to hold a seat ticket to a major event and not sit in it, not just Olympic seats, all major event tickets, it happens at Ashes and 6 Nations matches all the time.

  spuds 12:57 29 Jul 2012

Seeing that there have already been some prosecutions at Westminster Magistrates Court regarding selling of tickets at 10 times face value,then there's bound to be some empty seats, if the public cannot afford or have access to these tickets at market value?.

Who in their right mind would consider paying £21.120 for a pair of tickets for the opening ceremony, beggars believe the amount people are prepared or wants to pay?.

In the above court case, it would appear that 52 tickets were sold for £205.062 which were actually totally valued at £22.920. The court case is based on an 'authorised' seller, using 'sister' company's selling on the tickets.

  wee eddie 15:39 29 Jul 2012

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