Emerson Lake & Palmer - fanfare for the common man

  Uboat 21:41 18 Jun 2010

Just been watching this & i havent seen it for some yrs! this could be one of the best most appealing songs of the last 30 yrs! BUT u have to listen to the FULL 9 minute version..whats your thoughts.?
here is the short version...


click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:46 18 Jun 2010

Seen them play it live. ELP still remain as my favourite of the pomp rock bands and by God could they play. Keith Emerson is one of the finest keyboard players ever and Steve Howe's guitar version of The Clap is the reason that I gave up trying to play guitar......click here


  dukeboxhero 21:55 18 Jun 2010

Trilogy is one of my favourite albums,Went down to London to see them play live and still rate them as the best band i have seen play live

  Uboat 22:02 18 Jun 2010

GANDALF/dukeboxhero Aint they FANTASTIC! im 38 & i love them soooo much! BUT Fanfare for the common man is by far my Fav! (Oh i was wrong its 1977 NOT 1979) Keith Emerson lives about 40 mins from me in yorkshire & im proud he's a yorkshireman! so Damn proud!

IMHO they hands down beat the rubbish out today that are RNB based!singing about money & been sexual.? music is about a message NOT about sex & money or have i become too old.? HELP lol

  peter99co 22:34 18 Jun 2010

Thank you for the links you guys. I found this magical stuff.

click here

Facinating to watch IMHO.

  Forum Editor 23:13 18 Jun 2010

of the last 30 yrs!"

It was actually written by Aaron Copland in 1942, although the ELP adaption is the one most people know.

The original 'Fanfare' has been used endlessly as themes for TV programmes and public events, and if you travel on the Montreal metro you'll hear the electric motors on some of the trains emitting the first three distinctive notes as they pull out of the stations.

  Quickbeam 23:39 18 Jun 2010

But then my opinion is no more valid or invalid than anyone else's... it's just the right one.

  Uboat 23:51 18 Jun 2010

I'm sorry Peter but Aaron Copland's version is truely lovely & classical & somewhat tame (click here ) however the EMP version is much more thrusted in time! & with much more reason!..

click here

  Forum Editor 00:01 19 Jun 2010

it's the original - it was ELP (not EMP) who performed a 'version' - one that people like me, who are ancient, remember very well.

The original music was very popular long before ELP were heard of.

  Strawballs 01:11 19 Jun 2010

Can anybody remember the name of the track on the B side? I can and it was a wierd title!! The first letters of the words are BBS

  Strawballs 03:57 19 Jun 2010

10/10 I got the initials wrong but that is what I was thinking I bought that as a single, now I'm showing my age.

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