An emergency vehicle draws up outside your house

  oresome 17:10 19 Feb 2018

Do you

a) Hope that one of your neighbours hasn't been taken ill

b) Admire the efficiency of our emergency services

c) Be thankful that it's not for you or one of yours

d) Write a note and put it on the windscreen complaining about the inappropriate parking and asking the driver to move it.


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  Devil Fish 22:02 20 Feb 2018

agree with mole44

Fine her then give her a weeks community service with the Ambulance service. All the emergency services do a fantastic job often under a lot of pressure and really don't need self centred idiots adding problems to what can often be a stressful situation

  Belatucadrus 23:34 20 Feb 2018

I think the problem would be finding an Ambulance crew willing to put up with that self centred dipstick for more than a few minutes, let alone a week.

  Devil Fish 00:49 21 Feb 2018

can't argue with that @ Belatucardrus . But those sort of people really need a kick up the backside.It is a sad endictment of mordern life when people compain about these sort of things.

  HondaMan 09:57 21 Feb 2018

She looks like a totally self-centred not to mention selfish, totally up herself, modern person.

  Belatucadrus 11:37 21 Feb 2018

Seems the person in question has history and the chances of her learning anything near non existent. All to protect the parking space for a vehicle she doesn't own, there are words but I suspect FE would redact them.

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  Quickbeam 06:11 22 Feb 2018

In another age the ducking stool or scolds bridle would have been the prescribed cure!

  roger.roger 20:53 23 Mar 2018
  Brumas 21:02 23 Mar 2018

Well Done to Staffordshire Police and Stoke-on-Trent City Council!!

  bumpkin 21:49 23 Mar 2018

Good to hear a sensible result or so it would appear. Would you want this person living next to you, probably not but once moved she will be living next to somebody else. So who determines their new location and how?

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