An emergency vehicle draws up outside your house

  oresome 17:10 19 Feb 2018

Do you

a) Hope that one of your neighbours hasn't been taken ill

b) Admire the efficiency of our emergency services

c) Be thankful that it's not for you or one of yours

d) Write a note and put it on the windscreen complaining about the inappropriate parking and asking the driver to move it.


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  Quickbeam 17:54 19 Feb 2018

Every street has one...

  Belatucadrus 18:16 19 Feb 2018

As somebody said presumably she wrote van because spelling ambulance was beyond her. I do hope they press charges.

  wee eddie 18:33 19 Feb 2018

I think that we need to know more.

I work at night driving a Taxi. A while back an Ambulance left himself in the middle of the road, completely blocking it, rather than drawing to one side.

They did not need to run to the Club as there was no emergency and there was a suitable parking spot with 2 cars length of where they stopped. When they returned, with the drunken girl, there was a backup of about 30 cars and 2 busses.

Totally unnecessary. Even the local Police were not impressed.

Of course, if time is of an essence, they should be able to do whatever is necessary but, there are a few who like to make their presence felt, come what may.

  bumpkin 19:47 19 Feb 2018

I had a police Riot Van come after reporting a theft, they said it was the only vehicle available. Don't know what the neighbours made of that.

  Archie44 02:42 20 Feb 2018

heres a picture of the culprit Culprit

  mole44 04:33 20 Feb 2018

Ignorant oaf of a person prosecute her,another "ME,ME,ME".May i suggest a suitable punishment to spend a week with the ambulance service,then this oaf will then respect what these fine people do on a daily basis

  Cymro. 11:17 20 Feb 2018

I don't know what to make of this sort of thing. I wonder what she has to say about it. She must have learnt what people make of it all. Perhaps she is just so thick that she sees nothing wrong in her behaviour.

  Forum Editor 12:19 20 Feb 2018

Lots of people believe that the space outside where they live is their dedicated parking spot, and that they have a right to it. In this case, the ambulance was properly parked by the side of the road.

Let's hope that the woman concerned is duly appreciative if she ever has to call an ambulance.

  oresome 15:57 20 Feb 2018

"A 26-year-old woman has been fined £120 after admitting swearing at paramedics and leaving a foul-mouthed note on their ambulance."

  mole44 16:27 20 Feb 2018

Still think my suggestion of her going out with them for a week would be better.

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