Emergency messages

  exdragon 17:28 23 Sep 2010

Whilst meandering lazily through France, (Millau at present) I enquired idly if my other half knew when messages such as, 'Will Mr & Mrs Bloggs, driving through xxxxin their Ford Anglia, reg. no. xxxx please contact xxxx as a family member is seriously ill', stopped? Did they just peter out or was there an announcement that as from xxxx, they would no longer be relayed?

Did anyone ever receive such a message?

Not vital, I know, but just sorting out the evening meal!

  Forum Editor 17:36 23 Sep 2010

in the days before mobile phones and email. It's no longer necessary, now that we can all be contacted within a few hours at most, no matter where we are.

I had a striking illustration of how communications have improved on one occasion when I was in Thailand. I had decided to take a day off, and was being driven out to a remote location in the Thai countryside to meet some people who lived in some style far from the crowded city.

As we rolled through the empty landscape, miles from anywhere, my phone rang. I answered it to hear a voice say "Peter, it's XXXX here, can you make a meeting in Guildford at 3:30 tomorrow?"

You can't escape, unless you switch the phone off - then you take a giant leap back in time.

  Forum Editor 17:56 23 Sep 2010

They were called Public Service Announcements.

  ams4127 20:47 23 Sep 2010

I remember a John Bird (I think) comedy routine about Idi Amin......

"Will de Minister of Defence presntly believed to be leggin' it towards de Nigerian border in a green Ford Escort nicked from de ministry carpark, please stop, get out of de car, and put de hands in de air; otherwise his grandmother will be taken seriously ill!"

  Simsy 22:44 23 Sep 2010

SOS messages... if you mean the ones that were read out on Radio 4.

And they were somewhat bizarre, as they were a repeat of themselves, in the interests of clarity...

They started with an anouncement that what followed was an SOS message for,
"Mr & Mrs Bloggs, driving through xxxx in their Ford Anglia, reg. no. xxxx"...
followed by,

"Would Mr & Mrs Bloggs, driving through xxxx in their Ford Anglia, reg. no. xxxx please contact xxxx as a family member is seriously ill"

Having said that, I don't recall that car reg numbers were ever given out, though I'm open to correction on that.



  Forum Editor 22:59 23 Sep 2010

I stand corrected - SOS it was. First broadcast in 1923, they continued well into the 1990s. Originally broadcast on the Home Service they were subsequently the exclusive preserve of Radio 4.

  interzone55 08:46 24 Sep 2010

So if Mr & Mrs Bloggs were fans of the Light Programme the messages would never be received.

How on earth did we manage before mobiles & email.

I was thinking the other day, in my cub & scout days I used to have a 2p in my first aid kit to make a phone call. As I was waiting for my companion to exit the ladies in the Trafford Centre the other day I was leaning on a payphone and notice the minimum call charge is now 60p. For not massively more than that you can buy a pre-paid mobile from the T-Mobile shop round the corner...

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