Embarrassing moments

  royalflush 13:15 10 Mar 2007

Oh no i feel so embarrased,ive just got back from town & whilst i was there i was text'n a freind & as normal to text you look DOWN at your phone to do the text & please bare in mind town was very busy & i walked into a lamp post...

(Long Pause)

oh no i was on my own & darnt look up but i had to & people was laughing .lol i can see there point but for me it was kinda "Quick Exit" jobbie for me..

Anyone else had "Moments" like that they would like to share

  [email protected] 13:43 10 Mar 2007

I was going to work on the bus a while back.

I sat on the second back row isle seat but mustn't have been sitting on it properly.

The bus left the station, took one right hand turn and the next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor.

There were some hot girls sitting on the row behind too. Most embarrassing :(

  FungusBoggieman 13:51 10 Mar 2007

my wife had an enbarrasing moment not me.

she was going shopping a while ago down town with her sister while out side some shops walking along her sister stopped suddenly only to look down and find her knickers aroung her ankles so much for elastic think she needed a safty pin. it was also qute funny for the onlookers

  Forum Editor 14:13 10 Mar 2007

too many to mention, but the worst, by far was the time I was visiting a client who runs several farms in Sussex. He lives in some style in a converted Oast house, and I was taking some photographs of it whilst I waited for him to return from a quick trip to the village.

As I fiddled around with the camera a car pulled up and out got a woman, obviously in the later stages of pregnancy. I introduced myself, she introduced herself as the client's wife, and I helped her unload the mountain of shopping from the car. As we took the last load and dumped it in the kitchen I decided some small-talk was called for. " expect you'll be glad when it's all over" I said. "When what's all over?" she replied. "The birth of your child", I said "It looks like any day now".

She looked me straight in the eye and replied "She was born three weeks ago, she's upstairs with the nanny".

I had to endure the rest of the day - including a family lunch - in a state of the worst embarrasment I have ever felt, made worse by the fact that I knew she was going to tell her husband what I had said, the minute I left.

  The Brigadier 14:25 10 Mar 2007

I met up with an old friend and we got chatting about the old times & old friends. I asked him if he still knew that horrible girl we used to drink with prior to him going in the RAF.

Should have known something was up when he nearly spat his beer out, he told me in a very quiet voice that that girl was now mother to his two children!

He took it well, told his wife the story who relayed to Mrs B and for the rest of the weekend if a crap job had to be done i did it!! However at the end of the weekend Claire did admit she was strange as a youngster & relayed all my bad things to Mrs B to use if & when she needed to!!!

  Starfox 15:04 10 Mar 2007

When as a 19 year old I was staying with my cousin and her family. I was asked if I would take her little girl (about 5 years old then)into town and get her kitted out with a new pair of sandles.

As we were walking down the main street there was a West indian couple walking towards us, a fairly rare sight in those days remember, and as this couple drew level with us my niece blurted out in her loudest voice *Will I be black when I grow up uncle John*

Glad the West Indian couple saw the funny side!

  DrScott 00:00 11 Mar 2007

I used to be in a choir and we all went out for a drink after a service, and we were all chatting when a new girl who had just joined mentioned a name of someone I went to school with. I then went on to say what an arrogant plonker this chap was and how he was considered to be very stupid, and only got into university because he could sing. I didn't think any more about my comments until I saw the very same guy down at our local with this new girl from the choir. All charm and politeness, I went up to him, said hello and asked what brought him here. He then told me that he'd been the boyfriend of the new choir member for about 3 years, and that he'd done very well in his A-levels thank you very much.

Somehow the girl in question came to be one of my closest friends, and both her and the chap, now her husband, were both guests at my wedding.

  TOPCAT® 01:05 11 Mar 2007

A few years ago on a visit to London to see friends my wife and I went to view some sights not seen since my army days at Regents Park barracks. We eventually arrived at Madam Tussards on Marylebone Street and went inside.

I spotted that there was a new display set up on high with a wax figure of Madam Tussard in it, and a large notice board explaining how it all began. Being quite busy with visitors I moved back to a corner, raised my head and started to read the notice. I was so intent on my reading that I never saw two young teenage girls come round the corner until I was aware that one of them had walked right over to me. She looked down and all around to find an explanatory notice, then turned to her mate and said, "I wonder who this is?" With this I lowered my head slowly and said in a deep voice, "You'll have to ask the management, 'cos I'm not allowed to talk!"

Well, she screamed so loudly with shock and jumped backwards, nearly falling over her mate in the process. They both soon recovered and went on their way with red faces, and laughter ringing all around. The wife came back later and said that someone had certainly been frightened in the Chamber of Horrors, but, devil that I am, I didn't let on to her about the true reason for some time!! :o))

It's nice to *wax* lyrical occasionally, isn't it? TC.

  spuds 14:17 11 Mar 2007

Don't know if you could call it an embarrassment or just a way of life. Was suppose to have taken a plane journey from Bogotá to Cali in Colombia. A route that I had undertaken many times. Fell asleep on the plane and woke in in Quito, Ecuador. Knew the crew and airline, so the return journey to the correct destination was no problem.

  DrScott 15:05 11 Mar 2007

Topcat - made me chuckle a lot! Bit concerned that you look like you're made of wax though...

  Miké 15:42 11 Mar 2007

One of my most embarrassing moments happened in Germany about ten years ago. Driving from Hamburg down to Switzerland, I stopped at a large service area parked up and went for a meal, coming back after an hour to find my car missing.

So off I go to find a policeman (The Autobahn police had an office across the other side of the road).

So I am asked to show them where I had parked, which I duly did and he starts to fill in a report. Asks me where I have come from and are going to (I tell him) .

He then (in perfect English) asks me to follow him, and of we went through the shops over the top of the autobahn, to an identical car park on the other side of the road where of course my car had been parked all along.

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