emails from Alliance & Leicester

  Jak_1 20:34 30 Jul 2007

Has anyone else been getting spam mails from them? I've had a few over the last few days and I'm not a customer of theirs. I was wondering whether it is worth taking in a copy of the email with all the header information to the nearest branch as it is prob a scam. The one thing I don't do is click on links in mails of this kind. I simple delete the mail.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 30 Jul 2007

Just delete it. If it is asking for passwords and account info, it is a scam. If it is just advertising it is merely that...delete in any case.


  Jak_1 20:43 30 Jul 2007

Copy of the email:

Alliance and Leicester Bank Plc_

Dear Alliance and Leicester United Kingdom customer!

Our Support Division is carrying out a scheduled web-site upgrade

By following the link below please launch the procedure of the client details authorization:

h**p://click here

These directives are to be mailed and followed by all customers of the Alliance and Leicester UK

Alliance and Leicester United Kingdom does apologize for the troubles caused to you, and is very thankful for your collaboration.

If you are not customer of Alliance and Leicester United Kingdom please delete this notice!

***** This is an automated message, please do not respond *****

© 2007 Alliance and Leicester United Kingdom. All Rights Reserved.

I altered the http bit so it doesn't appear here as a link, I hope!

  Jak_1 20:45 30 Jul 2007

Damn, the link still shows as a link.
I even altered the www to wWw, that normally stops an addy showing as a clickable link.

  wellshgit 20:48 30 Jul 2007

I had an E-mail saying I had won a million pounds on the lottery, It said the money was in an account with the Alliance and Leicester bank. It also had a convincing looking bank logo. Obviously a scam. Just delete it.

  Kate B 20:49 30 Jul 2007

Can we stop posting threads about phishing emails? Really, the thing to do is delete and forget, same as with all spam.

  Jak_1 21:03 30 Jul 2007

Kate, I was only asking as this is the first time I have had any email from any so called bank. I just wondered if others were getting the same email. I know it's a scam and it does get deleted.

  Clapton is God 21:13 30 Jul 2007

People get these all the time and most people seem to understand that they are phishing e-mails.

All of the online banks post messages on their sites these days warning people that they would never ask their customers to re-confirm their details.

"I just wondered if others were getting the same email".

I'm sure that a lot of people are - but what does it matter?

If you have any half-decent anti-spam software installed these messages should all be filtered out at source whichever bank they purport to come from.

  Jak_1 21:27 30 Jul 2007

For gods sake, I was only asking!

  wizza68 21:30 30 Jul 2007

A&L say that they always address emails to the account holder by name and not with a general "hello customer". They will also quote the last four (?) digits of your account number with them so you can verify they have your details.

Even if I got an email with the above details I would not follow a link that needed my account/log on details but go directly to the banks site using your known www address.

Hope this helps.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:44 30 Jul 2007

You mean up til now you were a bank email virgin?

But seriously, if you want to do anything about it then go to the appropriate banks website (do NOT follow a link in the email itself) and see if they have an email address to report these sort of things. If so then foreward the entire thing to them. If not, then look for some sort of customer service or general enquiries address.

Then delete it.


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