spikeychris 16:48 08 Aug 2004

Do you keep them all or do you bin 'em? When you do delete them is it all or the select few? Do you archive them?

Me, I read then delete, machines I have worked on have thousands and they want to keep them...

  powerless 17:04 08 Aug 2004

I delete them.

I may save a few now and again, but they all get deleted eventually.

  VoG II 17:19 08 Aug 2004

Mostly they go straight in the bin. A few get moved to another folder ("Read", how imaginative). The Read folder gets pruned every few months.

At work, I keep stuff for years (ISO 90001 and all that).

  Forum Editor 17:49 08 Aug 2004

It's all archived and stored for posterity - in case anyone should be remotely interested in reading it.

From time to time we need to delve back and find something - usually when a client forgets what he/she said on a particular subject - but it's a rare occurrence. I imagine that millions of offices are doing the same thing. Think of all those words piling up and up..........

  spikeychris 18:10 08 Aug 2004

So you can find the first mail you ever sent?

  georgemac 18:59 08 Aug 2004

I can't. I delete most of them, but save some for reference in folders, which could probably do with a good clear out. I also make sure the pst file gets backed up daily also.

At work we use lotus notes, and recently someone showed me the search facility and I found it very useful.

Came home and found exactly the same thing on Outlook. Wish I had known about it years ago!

  Charence 19:30 08 Aug 2004

i delete spam and unimportant messages. I save the other ones in Word, but now with 1Gb of e-mail storage space "Who needs to delete when you have 1000 MB of storage?!".


  Forum Editor 19:44 08 Aug 2004


but I know what it said:


  sidecar sid 19:53 08 Aug 2004

Mostly in tne bin.A few priceless funnies have been saved for future generations though.

If ever you delete an e-mail, and want to retrieve the information it contained; those nice people at the Echelon project will have a copy :-)
click here

  VoG II 22:24 08 Aug 2004

Good luck to them if they can stay awake whilst reading the drivel that constitutes most of my personal e-mails.

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