Emailing requests for repeats.

  It's Me 17:01 24 Sep 2004

When you get to a certain age, you tend to get all kinds of things wrong with you which require regular medications. Mind you there are also many that require the same who are not ancient.

There seems to be a lot of variations in how different practices work, and I wondered what other people find.

The practice that I frequent, has telephone consultations with doctors as well as nurses, and I am able to organise my 6 month update of prescriptions in that manner. (For the uninitiated all prescriptions should be renewed by a consultation at least every 6 months I am told.).
I can phone the practice on a dedicated number for repeats and either collect the prescription, or have it sent to the chemist next door, who will deliver it to my home, or by arrangement, I can phone the chemist and they deal with the surgery for me and just deliver. When I mentioned to my Doctor about Emails he replied that he didn't know and there and then spoke to the practice manager to sort it out, but nothing has happened yet.

My daughter, a kidney transplant patient, cannot use the telephone to either consult anyone or order a repeat, but she can Email her requests, the chemist picks up her prescription and delivers it.

  Forum Editor 18:03 24 Sep 2004

I can see no reason why you shouldn't be able to request repeats via email. I can see that there might be certain security concerns, but these could be addressed so easily I doubt that they would stop such a system in its tracks.

In the end it's up to the practice to decide on a protocol, although when the NHS's much-vaunted new IT system eventually sees the light of day I imagine that the use of email in GP practices will accelerate. Under the new system any doctor in Britain will be able to access the medical records of anyone on a GP register in the UK, and we'll all be able (eventually) to access our own medical files online. What fun it will be debugging that little lot - I imagine that the people who are working on developing the software are wondering if they've been handed a poisoned chalice.

  Dorsai 18:27 24 Sep 2004

But if it was poisoned, at least they are working for the right people to ask for the antidoe from.

Seriously, i can see it ending up like the air traffic controll system, years late, mage buckes over budget, and not working quite like it was intended.

No doubt the company it is farmed out to will end up making an expensive mountain out of what should be a cheap mole hill.

  VoG II 18:36 24 Sep 2004

Strangely, the practice that we use will accept repeat prescription requests by fax but not by e-mail :o(

Soon you will be able to e-mail your repeat prescription to your doctor who will then e-mail it to your choice of chemist who will give you the option of picking it up in person or having it delivered.

  It's Me 19:41 24 Sep 2004

And when will we get hospital records onto a central, or even a local system. My local hospital uses massive files full of papers, which are all stored at a central place some 8 miles away along with the records for the other 4 (I think) hospitals in the same area. X Rays are a nightmare they tell me. I had been telling the 2 consultants I see regularly, about the other one for 3 years before one of them acknowledged that I had another problem other than the one he dealt with, because he now had a cross reference to that other set of records, and that, at last, made him rethink my possible treatment. Worrying!

  Lionheart ? 19:47 24 Sep 2004

My local doctor has been accepting e-mail repeat prescription requests for the last 12 months. I e-mail the request for my mother, then the chemist picks up her prescription and delivers it.

  spuds 20:12 24 Sep 2004

Food for thought here. I obtain on a regular basis repeat prescription medication, and I have always achieved this by visits.My GP practise changed over to a complete new computer system about twelve months ago, and my GP is always mentioning things about the set-up, yet he as never mentioned clients emailing or using services within the system etc. So next visit, this question will be on my agenda. Thanks for bringing the subject up.

  gabriella 20:59 24 Sep 2004

Dear It's me

I have exactly the same issue - ok to fax and appear in person but email....forget it, they do not have a scooby doo. Funnily enough my practice has email but not too happy about accepting 'repeats'. What on earth is the world coming to?

Gabriella x

  Andybear 08:16 25 Sep 2004

My surgery has a number of options. The one I use is to post the repeat prescription form to the surgery and include an SAE. They then post the prescription to me and I take it to any chemist. Since I don't work in the town that I live in, it's ideal for me. It takes a few days so I always send the form in a week before I need the item/s.

  jack 10:59 25 Sep 2004

It all seems a logical progression doesnt it
But the thing the persistantly gets in the way of progress is -------- people, and their differing appreciation of problems.
We see it here too don't we.

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