Ello Hadji Diouf, gotta new motor?

  peter99co 21:52 15 May 2009

click here

Not on expenses!

  Forum Editor 22:54 15 May 2009

having a lot of cash doesn't mean you have any sense of style or taste, and this character seems determined to prove it.

  ky72 22:55 15 May 2009

FE i belive the words u maybe should of said was "Have TOO much cash"

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 15 May 2009

Money can never buy taste and style.


  AL47 23:17 15 May 2009

i do like the slr gorgous motor,

and i dunno, kinda like chrome, but it may just be too much

  dagnammit 23:20 15 May 2009

Lovely car but not in a chrome finish. Bleurgh.

It's not in English but click through the pictures: click here

  Forum Editor 23:21 15 May 2009

The understatement of the decade.

A superb car made to look tacky by someone who hasn't a clue.

  Kevscar1 23:28 15 May 2009

So Mercedez don't have a clue. They are the ones that offer it in chrome

  AL47 23:31 15 May 2009

i was thinking of putting chrome wheels on my car, decided better of it!

if i were mercedes id paint my car brown with pink stripes if i could add 100,000 to its price!

  sidecar sid 23:41 15 May 2009

Who says you can't?
click here

  lotvic 00:17 16 May 2009

Wouldn't like to drive that in brilliant sunshine, or meet it coming the other way.

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