Elizabeth Butler-Sloss will head historical child abuse review

  Forum Editor 23:25 08 Jul 2014

Which has to be good news to everyone with an interest in seeing this subject given a thorough examination.

She has an enviable reputation for good sense and sensitivity where children are concerned.

  BillSers 09:43 15 Jul 2014

She was the best man for the job IMHO, but she is a bigger person to step down after all the nonsensical backlash.

  Forum Editor 15:31 15 Jul 2014

MechKB 2

You're extremely naive if you think that Theresa May has the last say in matters of this kind.

  Forum Editor 15:34 15 Jul 2014


"But, if we are to believe the Government, it was the lady who made the decision to withdraw from the inquiry? That doesn't make the PM look weak - just that somebody didn't do their homework beforehand."

Well, do you believe the government?

  spuds 18:19 15 Jul 2014

There appears to be quite some very strong comments being made about the issues of whether Butler-Sloss was the right person, and the role of the Prime Minister in this affair?.

Keith Vaz as already held a select committee debate on the present outcome and whether the selection of Butler-Sloss was well thought out beforehand. At one point of the interview with Teresa May it seemed to get rather heated. Keith Vaz raised the question how the Home Secretary and her team were so naive. I think the interview came across quite clearly, that Butler-Sloss was held in high esteem, but the Home Secretary and her team had not thought things out very well?.

Perhaps looking at the BBC Parliament broadcast on this, might bring reality to what is being stated in this thread by some people who might be thinking like the Home Secretary, who still considers her decision was correct?.

  Forum Editor 06:36 16 Jul 2014

"The Home Office and PM were still publicly saying that she was their choice - why didn't she just brave it out if she was the strong character some are portraying?"

They are saying that because - despite what the hysterical media stories say - she was the right person for the job. She didn't 'brave it out' because it had become evident that she would not have the confidence of the victims and their families. She understood that despite her undoubted expertise in these matters, and her acknowledged integrity, the newspapers would not stop sowing seeds of doubt. In effect she would be the story, and that couldn't be allowed to happen.

Quiet discussions took place, and an agreement was reached - she would say that she had decided to stand down. It is a bad mistake, but it's done. Someone else will handle the inquiry, and no doubt there will be criticisms about the way he or she handles it - you simply cannot win in a situation like this; the tabloids can smell blood.

  Quickbeam 07:58 16 Jul 2014


"...the tabloids can smell blood."

Is it really the tabloids that are to blame for all this? Within 10 minutes of you posting this thread with strong positive endorsement for Butler-Sloss, two forum members immediately questioned her integrity for the job, followed by a lot more members doubts, then the public professional doubters, well before any media frenzy got the tabloid bandwagon rolling.

Personally I had no opinion whatsoever on the appointment when you started the thread, the mention of Butler -Sloss was only a vaguely familiar name that I remembered from the Thatcher era, yet as others have pointed out, the name has since become the story, so it's only right it should just be forgotten and moved on from quickly.

Is she really the only possible credible candidate? No she isn't.

  spuds 09:34 16 Jul 2014

"Quiet discussions took place, and an agreement was reached - she would say that she had decided to stand down."

Whether this was the case or not, we the public will never really know, we can only imagine?.

What was evident yesterday in the House of Lords, Butler-Sloss had nothing to say about any quiet discussions or agreements, but she still had a bit to say about child abuse and protection!.

  spuds 10:04 16 Jul 2014

"Does this count as hysterical I wonder?"

Pity fourm member isn't about lately, because no doubt we would have had the answer to that, by now ;o)

  Al94 11:34 16 Jul 2014

Absolutely nothing to do with "the tabloids", it was patently obvious from the start that this appointment would not wash and this is very probably the main reason Kincora

Whilst a few of those in charge of the home were prosecuted, I think the British public would be shocked to the core if the names of those referred to in the final paragraph of this article ever come to light (and I don't think that is likely to happen for many years to come - if ever due to the sensitivity)

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