Eletrified fence

  mitch46 18:09 11 Feb 2010

Hi All.
For many years now i have taken my dog to the same field on a once a week basis.
So today me and the mutt strolled off to it and as we approached the Stile to climb over, i would let her off the lead and she'd slink under it and off she'd run. Well next thing proper s**t me up, i could hear her yelping lying on her side shaking, she'd ran straight into an electrified fence. The field for many years has been used for dog walking as they supply dog pooh bins and was owned by a Caravan Park, .Seems like someone has bought that piece of land and erected the fence without any warning signs at all. What if my dog had, had a heart attack, could i have sued the blighter (liked to have used a stronger word).
Seriously, could he get in trouble for a lack of signs or cause it's his land he can do what he wants.

  MAT ALAN 18:19 11 Feb 2010


for the installation of Electric Fences

It is important to realise and accept
that everyone and particularly the owner, that there is a duty of care to be observed when involved in the installation or maintenance of any electric fence.

Ensure that you do not contact electric fence wires with the head, neck or torso and do not climb over, through or under a multi-wire electric fence – use a gate or especially designed crossing point.

Do not use multi-wire electric fences with alternate live and earth wires.

Do not pass electric fencing wires across or adjacent to any form of water trough.

NEVER electrify barbed wire

Do not allow children to play near an electric fence
Where small children are likely to access a fence, the duty of care requires some form of obstacle such as a one metre high chain link or agricultural mesh fence.

Never connect more than one energiser to the same fence.

Anyone that is likely to come close to or in contact with an active electric fence, is entitled to be made clearly aware that they are likely to receive an electric shock.
This warning is usually in the form of prominent signs fixed to or adjacent to the fence at no greater intervals of 50m, and which are constantly maintained so as to be effective [it is no defence to state that ‘others’ damaged or destroyed the signs].

Generally, it is your duty to minimise the risk by an innocent party of any accidental electric shock.

You may have a case to answer...

  oldbeefer2 18:23 11 Feb 2010

Remember the 60's - driving back from Swindon after 10pin bowling. Stopped on the side of the road for a pee. BANG! You guessed it - electric fence in the darkness. I feel for your dog!

  MAT ALAN 18:26 11 Feb 2010

saw a competition on the telly once to see who could hold onto one the longest...

  wiz-king 18:27 11 Feb 2010

However you could also say that if the fence is on private property and cannot be reached from outside the boundary then you should not have tresspassed to within toching distance of it.
However if it has a stile (not just a broken fence), that supposes a permissive right of way or a public footpath in which case the fence should of had warning notices.

  mitch46 18:31 11 Feb 2010

mat alan.
Thanks for that informative info, never realised their was such a high safety element toward it, Then again we are talking electricity, Gonna go back tommorow and take a few photos and see where i can go to having those concerned put right.
Thanks again.

  MAT ALAN 18:32 11 Feb 2010

glad to help, good luck with your quest...

  mitch46 18:33 11 Feb 2010

Jeeeeez, thinking about that makes me wanna cross my legs!!!

  canarieslover 18:44 11 Feb 2010

I was going to make you smile with a joke about an old couple and an electrified fence. On second thoughts I think FE would consider it too shocking for this forum.

  egapup 18:48 11 Feb 2010

As kids we would see long we could hold on to a electric fence....about 4 shocks was enough.

  mitch46 18:49 11 Feb 2010

Oh Goaaaaan!!!
Second thoughts don't get barred!
I'll imagine it was funny.

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