Electronic Peanut Butter

  morddwyd 11:19 10 Dec 2011

Just been looking for peanut butter on-line.

As usual Amazon came up trumps, but under "Electronics"!

Not the first place I would have looked!

  BT 12:37 10 Dec 2011

Evil Stuff !!

  Forum Editor 14:54 10 Dec 2011

"Such knowledge is bound to put you off!"

My son is a food microbiologist - he's told me things, none of which have put me off. I love peanut butter, especially on toast, with a little Marmite added.

  wee eddie 16:22 10 Dec 2011

Elvis loved Peanut Butter & Jelly (It was 'Grape Jelly') Sandwiches.

An American Girl, who lived with me in the 60's, was a Slave to Peanut Butter and Honey, on hot buttered Toast!

  rdave13 17:08 10 Dec 2011

A peanut butter and cheese sarnie is delicious.

  Aitchbee 18:10 10 Dec 2011

Can you add it to 'home-made' butternut squash soup, to give it a kick?

  Aitchbee 18:16 10 Dec 2011

Compared to marmite, peanut butter is not so bad...it's only sickly.

  Quickbeam 08:51 11 Dec 2011

Peanut butter and Marmite...?

Have your taste buds become irrecoverably incapacitated at some time in the past... that's surely the most terrible culinary mis-match possible FE!

  BT 09:05 11 Dec 2011

Peanut butter and Marmite...?

Its pretty popular, see the Marmite Facebook page. But then people put lots of different things with Marmite.

What I don't like about Peanut butter is the way it coats the inside of your mouth with a sticky film.

  Forum Editor 09:47 11 Dec 2011

"...that's surely the most terrible culinary mis-match possible FE!"

I think it's delicious, as do lots of other people.

My taste buds have been subjected to some pretty weird combinations over the years,not all of which I would care to repeat, but this one is a winner in my book.

  Quickbeam 10:36 11 Dec 2011

...ground black peppercorns on strawberries is as risqué as I like to get with my food combinations...

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