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Electronic Electric Handbrake for cars

  chub_tor 10:58 04 Sep 2016

Has anyone got experience of these? I needed to hire a larger vehicle when we had family over for a couple of weeks and ended up with a 7 seater C4 Picasso and was given no instruction by Avis on how to use the electric handbrake.

No problem in leaving the Avis yard or driving through the town or parking facing down our sloping driveway but when trying to reverse up the slope I had all kinds of problems with the car running forwards towards our gates. After several panicked attempts and much revving I finally got the car on to level ground and there it stayed for the duration of the visit.

I never felt comfortable using this electric brake when driving in slow moving traffic on a slope, either up or down, and did a lot of "clutch riding".

Is there a knack to these things that I have yet to learn? Any views or instruction would be much appreciated.

  Graham* 10:20 05 Sep 2016

Govan1x, the - + buttons on the left side of the dash will dim the instrument lights. Only works with headlights on.

  Govan1x 11:13 05 Sep 2016

Thanks Graham.

  LastChip 12:07 05 Sep 2016

Personally, I've never come across this system. But the question that is going through my mind is - why? Why replace a perfectly simple system of cables and levers by something that is clearly more complex? Or is it integrated into some sort of ECO system where the engine turns itself off?

  x123 12:22 05 Sep 2016

All my previous cars with this system would apply the brake when you switched off the ignition.

This new car we have just picked up requires you to activate the brake as you would with the older system of hand brake.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:11 05 Sep 2016

some info click here

  Pablo de Catio 16:29 05 Sep 2016

If you check the cars manual you should find that if you pull the electric brake when you need to do an emergency stop, the cars computer will apply the safe maximum force to stop the car as soon and safe as possible. No need to touch the brake pedal.

  bumpkin 18:55 05 Sep 2016

*if you pull the electric brake when you need to do an emergency stop, *

You will have hit something before you have the chance.

  chub_tor 10:29 06 Sep 2016

Thanks for all your replies and links. Having now driven this particular vehicle, a C4 Picasso, I realise that it is not necessarily typical of all cars with electric brakes. To be fair I liked the fact that when you switched off the handbrake automatically engaged and when on the flat it automatically disengaged when you put the car into gear. I almost mastered the rolling forward when reversing up a sloping driveway although it did require some frantic revving on my part as soon as I put it into reverse gear. What I never succeeded in understanding is how or when to apply the electric brake when creeping forward in slow moving traffic and going up a hill at the same time. I was forced to do this when exiting a car park in Looe where the hill is quite steep and I was surrounded by other cars as we all edged our way to a T junction where you are forced to stop and look both ways before moving off. My brain just went into overload with the complexity of it all and I ended up slipping the clutch in order to stay still. If it had been my car I would have been uneasy about that but as it was a rental vehicle my concerns were somewhat eased. I do know that I will avoid this type of handbrake operation should the time come for me to either rent or buy another car.

I will close this thread with thanks to all who responded.

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