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Electronic Electric Handbrake for cars

  chub_tor 10:58 04 Sep 2016

Has anyone got experience of these? I needed to hire a larger vehicle when we had family over for a couple of weeks and ended up with a 7 seater C4 Picasso and was given no instruction by Avis on how to use the electric handbrake.

No problem in leaving the Avis yard or driving through the town or parking facing down our sloping driveway but when trying to reverse up the slope I had all kinds of problems with the car running forwards towards our gates. After several panicked attempts and much revving I finally got the car on to level ground and there it stayed for the duration of the visit.

I never felt comfortable using this electric brake when driving in slow moving traffic on a slope, either up or down, and did a lot of "clutch riding".

Is there a knack to these things that I have yet to learn? Any views or instruction would be much appreciated.

  x123 12:17 04 Sep 2016

My first car with an electric handbraske was 8 years ago. This current car is the third one with the system.

When reversing up a slope I do,

Select reverse, pull the electric handbrake lever, dip the clutch and reverse.

  x123 12:19 04 Sep 2016

Should say

Dip the clutch till it bites, then reverse.

The electric brake should bind till it feels the power and then release it's self.

  oresome 12:46 04 Sep 2016

Time was when you could get in any car and drive it.

I couldn't start my daughters Fiesta to move it off the drive. It has keyless entry and keyless ignition and hill assist amongst other gizmos.

I'm not alone. A doctor friend and his wife hired a car on holiday and after 10 minutes trying, had to go back to the rental office and ask how to start it.

At least my Lada had a starting handle if all else failed.

  Govan1x 13:50 04 Sep 2016

My daughter just bout one of those recently. heaven help her if anything breaks down.

So far I have not tried it but have my name on the insurance.

There is no handbrake on it as such just a button or two that you have to press. do not even know how to put the brake on if stuck in traffic.

Nice car but not one that I would buy.

cant help you with the brakes chub_tor but have you any idea how to dim the Panel light with the speedo etc on it as it is far to bright at night time. She cant see the road properly as it is to bright. Must be a dim switch somewhere I suppose.

  Govan1x 13:51 04 Sep 2016

Bought one and not bout.

  Brumas 14:45 04 Sep 2016

chub_tor I have always had a VW, starting off with my iconic 1303 Beetle and now our trusty Golf.

When I replaced it, under the Motability scheme (it belongs to Fran) they said it would have an Electronic Brake, and Stop Start System I immediately thought I would never get on with these and asked if they could be 'switched off'.

Onto our fourth Golf now and I just wondered how I managed to do without them in the past!!

Bear with it, it makes driving a lot less stressful!

  chub_tor 15:11 04 Sep 2016

Thanks for the replies. I learned over time with the Picasso that it seemed better not to touch the electric brake at all unless absolutely necessary. It is automatically applied when you hit the keyless Start/Stop button and releases 2 seconds after you put it in gear. This is supposed to help when reversing backwards up a slope for example, but I never really got the hang of it. And it was worse going up a hill in traffic. Taking it out of gear, holding it on the footbrake, then switching on the electric brake, putting it back into gear and releasing the clutch and accelerator within 2 seconds was just too much for me. As I said I rode the clutch much more than I would normally do. I can't see me ever buying a car with this kind of parking brake.

  Pine Man 15:20 04 Sep 2016

I've had four Golfs, both manual and automatic, with the automatic handbrakes without any problem apart from the last demo I had from a new rep at the dealership. When I got in to drive she told me to press the handbrake button. When I asked why she said it was to release the handbrake. When I told her that the whole point of automatic handbrakes was that they release themselves and set themselves she wouldn't believe me until I demonstrated it to her!

There are lots of ways of using cars with automatic handbrakes but the bottom line is that if you don't want to press or pull any buttons or levers just let the car do it for you. When you drive off the handbrake will automatically release and when you come to a standstill with pressure on the foot brake it sets the handbrake.

  Brumas 15:36 04 Sep 2016

Pine Man, couldn't have put it better myself if I tried ;o}

  bumpkin 16:35 04 Sep 2016

Do these cars have a normal handbrake lever as well. The reason I ask is that mine has the normal handbrake but if I stop on an incline something is supposed to stop the car rolling either back or forwards if I release the foot brake. Never seems to work though.

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