electronic cigarettes are no more dangerous than coffee

  Chegs ®™ 06:55 11 Nov 2013

Yet every time I see them mentioned in the media,scores of people comment on how...

1)I don't want to passive smoke

2)They stink

3)The contents in them are just as bad for you as proper cigarettes

This goes on in a similar vein right through the comments.

I tried the NHS methods of NRT(Nicotine Replacement Therapy)and repeatedly failed to cease smoking.

Gum,I'm missing so many teeth,chewing this is bloody awkward.

Patches.By the time they've taken effect each day,I'm usually on about my 4th or more real cigarette.

Nicotine inhaler.Worked to kill the craving but I missed having something to do with my hands so invariably lit up a cigarette.

I then saw some e-cigarettes that looked like a real cigarette,tasted not to nice but allowed me to cut down my smoking real cigarettes to 12 grams per week(from over 100 grams)

Then I came across a Personal Vaporiser device(still referred to by many as an e-cigarette)with a heating coil/wick assembly in a tank of e-liquid.Then I discovered that there are a huge range of flavours & strength of nicotine e-liquids to refill the tank and as such,I've not smoked a real cigarette in 6 months & never craved a cigarette once.

I have also researched online about these devices,and discovered studies that scientifically proved they're no more dangerous than drinking coffee to the user,that there are unmeasurable risks to others around me, and that the e-liquids contain chemicals that have been researched as far back as the 1940's.All this took me just a few minutes to discover,yet scores of people post comments in media sites like "my sister is allergic to nicotine,so ban all e-smoking devices" I discovered that foods like tomatoes & potatoes also contain nicotine,but I bet her sister isn't allergic to those.The MHRA wanted these devices regulated like medicines,the EU in Brussels disagreed.They shoved a microphone under a Drs nose on The One Show who said that the ingredients of e-liquid needed thorough researching...so even though they've been researched since the 1940's,they're still unsafe? Because of the attitude from the MHRA,countless smokers will die as they won't be able to kick their craving for nicotine using the NHS methods whereas if the MHRA would accept that using e-liquids instead of smoking is a)safer than smoking & b)has a greater success rate of people actually giving up altogether,scores of smokers will live a long & healthy life.I'm presently using an e-liquid that tastes like custard cream biscuits,but I have many other flavours like aniseed,blackcurrant,banana,marmalade and can order many many more flavours.If I ever decide to try,I can even buy the base ingredients(propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine/nicotine & flavourings)and mix my own.

  wiz-king 08:55 11 Nov 2013

Proof please.

The main bone of contention is the lack of control over the strength of nicotine both in the liquid and that dispensed to the user. I agree the MRHA may seem to be nit-picking but they have valid reasons.

  fourm member 09:49 11 Nov 2013

It is a question of balance. e-cigarettes or vaporisers (e-cigs for short) need to be freely available so that as many people as possible use them instead of real tobacco. But unregulated can mean that unsafe cheap products are on the market. Unsafe, as in liquids that produce a high level of ammonia in the mist.

The 'facts' about e-cigs are twisted depending on where they come from. There's a big wrangle between the tobacco companies who think they can get into this market (and, in some cases, want e-cigs to be seen as just for places where you can't smoke real cigs rather than a complete replacement) and the pharmacists who see nicotine replacement therapies as a lucrative market for them.

Then there's the moral crusaders who think the only route is abstinence and don't like the idea of people maintaining their nicotine habit in a safer way.

It is very important to look at who is saying something as well as what they are saying to try and get the bias out of it.

  tullie 10:32 11 Nov 2013

I too use an ecig,its an alternative to real cigaretes,as long as you are getting nicotine you will never give up cigs or ecigs.

  wiz-king 11:55 11 Nov 2013

Jock1e Read the label! There is no caffeine in paracetamol tablets, however there may be in 'extra' tablets, caffeine makes the paracetalmol faster for the body to assimilate.

  Chegs ®™ 12:18 11 Nov 2013

I am unable to get to this thread on my desktop which has the url's to the research. I'll try again later.

  Chegs ®™ 12:51 11 Nov 2013

click here these but still looking for the actual research studies links.


http://www.thecommentator.com/article/2789/ecigarettesnomatchfortheeu Found

  Chegs ®™ 12:52 11 Nov 2013
  Chegs ®™ 12:53 11 Nov 2013

grrr,something going wrong with the format of the links.I'll need go convert them to tiny urls..be back soon

  Chegs ®™ 12:55 11 Nov 2013

click here one that shouldn't need shortened


  Phil Ocifer 14:19 11 Nov 2013

I bet it won't be too long before fake (untested, unregulated, potentially dangerous) e-liquid predominates the market for those who want to get it cheaper than full price, and I also predict liquidised narcotics which are also odourless and undetectable - apart from the glazed expression on the users face. :)

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