Electronic Cigarettes

  Chegs ®™ 04:42 09 Aug 2013

I have been a smoker for 35 years,but over the last couple of years have noticed my smoking has increased to ridiculous quantities. A mate mentioned electronic cigarettes so decided to give them a try. My tobacco consumption dropped from approx 100g per week to 25g the first week and 12.5g the second week. I have now bought a second electronic cigarette(first one cost £20 & the cartridges were £7 for 3,the second one was £7 for the cigarette & £7 for 5 cartridges)which now means no more tobacco needed while the battery recharged. I have also done a little online researching and discovered that there are many different strengths of "e-liquid" to refill my cartridges, and I can choose to "smoke" hundreds of different flavours, from tobacco to peach schnapps,pina-colada or coffee,and even green tea. Once I find the right nicotine content e-liquid to satisfy my craving(somewhere between 11mg & 18mg as 11mg I crave the nicotine & 18mg I get a sore throat and occasionally a headache) I will regain some fitness from ceasing the 4000+ poisons from tobacco smoking, and save a decent amount of money as tobacco was costing me £32 per week and a 10 millilitre bottle of e-liquid will last a week or more & costs just £4. The other advantage to e-cigarettes is they can be used pretty much anywhere as your not smoking but inhaling a vapour. Were these devices to be banned from usage anywhere, then asthma suffers would also be unable to use their inhalers.

I know I should really stop smoking, but I no longer possess the required willpower to give up my nicotine and these devices allow me to track my nicotine habit more accurately and though it might take a longer time, I can very gradually reduce my nicotine intake to 0% e-liquids so all I'll eventually be giving up is the tastes.Even after just a month of "vaping"(a term I discovered on an e-cigarette forum)I find food tastes better,and I no longer feel like I need an oxygen mask from simply climbing stairs. When out wandering I'm smelling vegetation and wishing I'd discovered these devices a few years ago.

  Quickbeam 07:44 09 Aug 2013

I know a several people that have switched to them and are absolutely astounded by the money that they are saving.

What I don't quite get is how intelligent people can only acknowledge the money saved once they've cut down. They've known for years that it costs them a fortune, yet they all proclaim joyously about the money they've saved as if it's a newly discovered revelation that nobody had ever suspected!

  morddwyd 08:16 09 Aug 2013

", yet they all proclaim joyously about the money they've saved "

No they don't. I stopped smoking after after fifty years, and did not notice one tangible benefit.

Obliviously I know I am much less at risk healthwise, but I haven't noticed that I am any better off, or that food tastes better, or flowers smell sweeter (the house does, and my wardrobe!).

Stopping smoking is good for your health, but other reported benefits are so much hype hype, at least as far as I am concerned.

  BT 08:39 09 Aug 2013

I stopped smoking over 20 years ago. It was prompted by a bad chest infection which meant I couldn't smoke for several weeks. I was coughing myself silly even without the fags. When I recovered I found half a packet in the car and lit one up. I had about 2 puffs and had to chuck it out of the window. I've never had or wanted a cigarette since.

  Quickbeam 09:43 09 Aug 2013

A household that spends £100+ a week on tobacco can't possibly miss the financial benefit of switching to efags!

  bumpkin 13:36 09 Aug 2013

I tried them with some success a few years back but never really quite the same as a real smoke. Stick with them if you can, you have prompted me into having another go, they sell them in my local shop so will get one tomorrow.

  Chegs ®™ 17:01 09 Aug 2013

There are many different types of e-ciggys(also e-cigars & e-pipes)and I find them more effective than patches at killing my nicotine cravings as I get an instant hit from the e-ciggy whereas with the patches,I would fight the craving for nicotine but eventually resort to a smoke as the patches delivery was just too slow and insufficiently strong. If you search for electronic cigarettes then you'll see how big a range of these devices there are,& if you search for e-liquids then you'll find another huge list of strengths & flavours. I was a roll-up (Golden Virginia) smoker so wasn't expecting to find a flavour I liked but the more I thought about it the more I realised that its the nicotine I require so flavour isn't as important(though this bottle of tobacco flavour tastes kind of nutty)

  Aitchbee 17:13 09 Aug 2013

" ... and I can choose to "smoke" hundreds of different flavours, from tobacco to peach schnapps, pina-colada or coffee,and even green tea."

Although, I have never smoked, I would [seriously] 'give-'em-a-go' but only if they 'did' 'em in a beer or lager flavour [4% ABV] ... as I have always been meaning to 'cut down' on my alcohol[hic] intake.

  bumpkin 18:15 09 Aug 2013

Aitchbee, absinthe flavour no good to you?

  bumpkin 18:17 09 Aug 2013

Aitchbee, absinthe flavour no good to you?

  bumpkin 18:18 09 Aug 2013


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