Electric valve for my conservatory radiator

  Graham* 00:27 21 Sep 2012

It's small bore, so I think it will need a 'normal' section inserted to facilitate the fitting of a valve.

The existing thermostatic valve is a pain, and it frequently needs replacing.

  wiz-king 11:07 21 Sep 2012

Sounds like an expensive option.

  wiz-king 11:19 21 Sep 2012

Yup - it is

  lotvic 11:39 21 Sep 2012

I don't understand why you need to keep replacing the existing thermostatic valve?

All it does is open/close the valve to include/exclude that radiator with the rest of system.

IMHO Mostly thermostatic valves are a waste of time unless you have a room getting too hot and want to shut that rad off but keep rest of rads hot.

  Graham* 11:49 21 Sep 2012

lotvic, It is turned on and off every day. They wear out and start to leak after a while. As the rad is an add-on,fed from upstairs, there is no drain fitted so it's impossible to isolate.

wiz-king, I was thinking of an extra valve in the pipework, but a remote control valve may work out cheaper if I can swap it myself - save on a plumber.

  onthelimit1 12:00 21 Sep 2012

'They wear out and start to leak after a while'

Really? Mine have been in situ and working for 15 yrs. Can get stuck after the summer, but a clout with a hammer cures that.

  wiz-king 12:10 21 Sep 2012

If you keep turning it off and on then why have a TRV?

  Forum Editor 12:36 21 Sep 2012

The small bore aspect of this isn't a problem. You can get a set of brass reducing bushes that will enable you to fit the new valve direct to your existing pipe. Just make sure that you ask for the correct size in the plumbing shop. You will almost certainly need an 8mm to 15mm set.

You shouldn't really be turning a radiator on and off every day - just get a TRV and let that do the job of regulating the flow rate.

  lotvic 13:48 21 Sep 2012

Turning a TRV on and off manually each day defeats the object of having a TRV, might as well have an ordinary one if you want to treat it like a tap (water flow ON, water flow OFF)

  Graham* 15:25 21 Sep 2012

It came with the TRV. As I have Boiler maintainance cover that includes pipes and valves, it is they who do the repairs. I have asked them to just fit a normal tap valve, but they say they can only replace the existing TRV, even though a tap would be cheaper.

FE, it already has a reducer. I turn it off each night as the conservatory is closed off each evening, and it gets very cold in the night.

  Woolwell 16:00 21 Sep 2012

You want something like this programmable TRV. I haven't used one though. A google search found it.

You have come across one of the drawbacks of having a radiator in a conservatory.

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