electric v gas what more to run

  sunnystaines 10:11 14 Sep 2016

always had both gas and elec, but seen a flat with no gas its all electric will by energy bills be more to run.

always its a large open lounge/kitchen design, worried this this cost a lot to heat in winter.

anyone got any knowledge

  bumpkin 20:56 15 Sep 2016

* aluminum on large double glazing on on a new build what happened to upvc?*

All UPVC degenerates over time with UV light from the sun no matter what you are told by salesmen. Ali is a much better product (what I have despite being dearer) Modern stuff has a thermal break and equates with or exceeds UPVC insulation. I believe you are thinking of the original Ali which had a lot to answer for. White powder coated Ali is a lot neater than bulky plastic, I am surprised that anyone would want UPVC anymore.

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