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electric v gas what more to run

  sunnystaines 10:11 14 Sep 2016

always had both gas and elec, but seen a flat with no gas its all electric will by energy bills be more to run.

always its a large open lounge/kitchen design, worried this this cost a lot to heat in winter.

anyone got any knowledge

  wee eddie 12:06 14 Sep 2016

I am "All Electric" and yes, it's running cost will be higher than that of a Gas Fired Heating System,

However, you will not have to install a Boiler, which needs Servicing every year, miles of piping and radiators and all the redecoration work that that entails. The whole could set you back many thousands of pounds.

I pay less than £100 a month to run my Flat but, of course, were I to increase the background heating, it could cost more.

I do not lose room space to Radiators and my Water Heating Boiler is out of the way in the loft. I would reckon that the extra cost is about 20% per annum, which would take 16+ years to amortise the Cost of Installation of a Gas System and that does not take into account, Boiler Maintenance and Replacement

  oresome 13:25 14 Sep 2016

Friends in Scotland used similar reasoning to we eddie and didn't renew their oil fired central heating. They replaced it with electric convectors.

It's a fact that modern gas boilers don't last very long, partly due to their complexity and also the corrosive condensate, so these costs have to be factored in.

  bumpkin 19:54 14 Sep 2016

* seen a flat with no gas its all electric *

Yes it will cost more to run electric heating but not a great deal and the points made by wee eddie and oresome are very valid. It is not something that would put me off buying an all electric property.

  sunnystaines 04:43 15 Sep 2016

thanks for the replies.

is under floor heating bad or

  wee eddie 08:21 15 Sep 2016

It's a serious one-upmanship contender, in fact, it's the top of the Boasts.

If there is any form of failure, it can be horrendously expensive to repair.

I only know one person with it and their home is as warm as toast.

  bumpkin 09:13 15 Sep 2016

**is under floor heating bad or good**

Good in my opinion but not without its limitations. Electric heating in a solid floor screed for example acts a bit like storage rads and is therefore slow to respond to controls.

  sunnystaines 15:23 15 Sep 2016

again thank you all for replies, the wife has seen the flat but I not sure, even aluminum on large double glazing on on a new build what happened to upvc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 15 Sep 2016

Homes "out in the sticks" are often all electric as its too costly to run a gas main out there.

Many modern built houses are now all electric.

My thoughts have always been if there is a power cut I can always use the gas fire to heat one room and the gas cooker to heat my food. Otherwise invest in a standby generator :0)

  Forum Editor 16:54 15 Sep 2016

Newly-built homes are extremely well insulated, and very fuel efficient. Electricity will be fine as a sole energy source.

Electric underfloor heating is excellent, and has a very long life. Because the floors will be well insulated, you get nearly all the heat into the room, and some very sophisticated controls are available.

  Bazzaman 17:58 15 Sep 2016

I had electric underfloor heating in a flat I bought in '77. Worked a bit like a storage rad in that was a special cheap tariff that heated it up for 7 hours overnight and for 3 hours in the afternoon.

Problem with it was that you could not control the heat coming out (unlike storage rads) and you had to try and predict the evening before etc. how much heat to "store" for the following day.

The son of a guy round the corner from me now lives in that very same block and most of the flats have gas CH now as repairing the old system was impractical / uneconomical.

By was of contrast, I live in 90 year old 3 bed detached house and my total gas / elec for the year is around £700. Can't imagine how one spends £1200 a year in a flat unless it is a massive old thing without DG.

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