Electric scooters for everyday use

  Dragon_Heart 03:42 26 Sep 2015

No not the disabled type but the ones that do look like a motor scooter ?

Bumpkin's thread about Boris Bikes reminded me of a couple of brochures I picked up last year at the county show.

They are a bit like those electric bikes but these do look like a proper scooter with a seat, luggage compartment and fairing.

click here will take you about 25 miles on one charge @ about 25mph.

My question is have any of you had any experience of these and what are they like to own ?


  Forum Editor 08:19 26 Sep 2015

There are lots of different models available in the UK - cost around £1500 to £2000. I have no idea what they're like, but I imagine they are handy for city use.

For around £1800 you can get one that gives you a 35 mile range at speeds up to 48 mph. With no road tax, and (in London) no congestion charge I imagine it's an attractive proposition.

  spuds 10:12 26 Sep 2015

I have one of those 'electric' bikes that were introduced into the UK a few years back. The main problem with those was the batteries, and whether they would hold charge properly. Build wise, they do vary.

Things have moved on since, but what I would suggest if you intend getting one, is get plenty of information first, because the market as improved with specialist dealers providing some very sound advice. The other point, is spare parts. Make sure your supplier has sufficient supplies on hand, for any possible failures.

I would add further, that the 'scooter' in the photograph, was introduced at about the same time as the 'bike' type, but for some reason, very little became of it. Whether this was something to do with the product or possible laws, I wouldn't know. But it would now seem, whatever was the obstacle previously, this might now have been overcome.

  wee eddie 10:52 26 Sep 2015

Can't find their address'

The specification does not specify the size of the motor, its given as 3000w/5000w. Neither the one nor the other.

I would be very wary of dealing with them

  bumpkin 11:31 26 Sep 2015

Useful for some in cities I would think but its short range and long charging time make it impractical in a lot of circumstances and that is assuming that the range has not been exagerated.

Dragon Heart, if you put a few spaces after posting a link the next word will not go to the bottom of the page.

  john bunyan 11:41 26 Sep 2015

Do these require a driving licence?

  Nontek 11:48 26 Sep 2015

wee eddie

I would think that would mean two motor sizes available, either 3000w or 5000w

  wee eddie 11:53 26 Sep 2015

Nontek: The Site gives the same price for both Motor sizes and no apparent way of specifying which you want in your order

  spuds 12:12 26 Sep 2015

Unless I am mistaken, the actual advert provides information '800W 60V/20AH'.

Having just checked eBay, I have been unable to find such a machine, but a few years ago, eBay was awash with them, as new imports or second-hand. Imports of the Chinese mini-midi-maxi motorcycles, even go-peds were also in abundance, but since the law cracked down on these, things have certainly changed.

The actual link website is through Alibaba, which is a direct from China supply and information outlet, selling in bulk, with all transportation costs, taxes etc as additional expense. Minimum orders will also apply.Any price figures quoted, might double or more by the time the item reaches this shore.

I would still suggest that seeking advice from one of the 'electric' bike specialists, should be on top of the agenda.

  spuds 12:39 26 Sep 2015

Having thought about this subject further, I thought more information was required on perhaps the legal side. Google as provided some links, which I haven't fully checked, so whether there are still obstacles regarding usage on the UK roads, Google might have an answer click here

  Forum Editor 13:21 26 Sep 2015

If an electric scooter has a maximum speed of more than 30 mph it is classified as a motorbike, and all the same rules apply. Car driving licence holders can't ride them without a CBT.

If the maximum speed is les than 30mph car drivers can ride them, provided they obtained their licence prior to 1st December 2001. You must wear a helmet and the motorbike needs a registration document, number plate and (once it’s three years old) an MOT. Tax is free, as I said earlier.

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