Electric cars

  interzone55 10:15 04 Jun 2010

I've just spent a few days in London catching up with a couple of friends.

Whilst there I think that every Prius sold in the UK tried to run me down, as they silently snuck up behind me. Perhaps the EU is right with its attempts to make cars generate a noise running solely on battery power, I vote for a rattling bottles noise to make them sound like milk floats - click here (pdf download)

I notice that Londoners use the same road crossing system as the sub-continent, wait until a sufficient mass of people has built up then simply walk across the road, few cars will dare to hit 50 or people.

  jack 10:47 04 Jun 2010

Download your own 'vehicle moving tone'
A whole street full of 'Mr Softy' jingles
Why it would be enough to make me turn my hearing aid off

  Forum Editor 10:52 04 Jun 2010

have a special relationship - we all understand that everyone has to use the roads, but it's an uneasy alliance. It functions well, as long as everyone understands what's required of them, and doesn't break the unwritten rules.

The problem is that every summer we are inundated with tourists who are used to traffic in their own countries, and driving in central London becomes even more of a challenge. We're experimenting with a system that allows pedestrians to cross major road junctions diagonally, using the road itself. This saves time by removing the need to make two separate road crossings to reach a diagonally opposite corner.

Another proposal is to remove pavements completely in some very busy areas, and let us all mingle in one space. Apparently it reduces road accidents quite considerably.

As for electric cars - they're becoming very common. Perhaps they should make a kind of superior sniffing sound?

  morddwyd 19:57 04 Jun 2010

Electric cars are one thing, on the mainland they have some very well silenced and smooth running trams.

They can be on you in an instant, and do not give way to cars!

  PalaeoBill 21:35 04 Jun 2010

I didn't realize there was a special relationship twix car driver and pedestrian. I thought the deal was, step into the road and three car drivers will simultanoeusly lean on their horns and try to flatten you. Perhaps the FE exudes poise and authority.
I did try to drive in London once; only once! What amazed me was how cars could pull into non-existent spaces.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:44 04 Jun 2010

I often drive to Wembly but only drove in Central London a couple of times.

Keep eyes fixed on road ahead

Make eye contact with another driver means you will give way.

  morddwyd 23:21 04 Jun 2010

"Keep eyes fixed on road ahead"

Manic stare is menacing.

keep eyes firmly shut.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:26 04 Jun 2010

are an enviromental joke. where do all these trendy green types think the electricity to charge them up overnight comes from?


  Forum Editor 23:57 04 Jun 2010

I'm not sure about the environmental joke.

Electric vehicles would normally be charged at night, in order to take advantage of off-peak rates. They produce no exhaust emmissions to pollute the atmosphere, and are relatively silent, so noise pollution is much reduced.

All in all they are far from being an environmental joke.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:08 05 Jun 2010

"They produce no exhaust emmissions to pollute the atmosphere.."

Yes they do. They just dont produce it in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, fooling a lot of people into thinking they are enviromentally friendly. All they are doing is moving the pollution out of sight and so out of mind. So unless you know for certain that you are plugging into a reliable non carbon based power source (nuclear, hydro or solar-in good climes) then its just a joke. Or a con trick.


  Strawballs 01:14 05 Jun 2010

Oh no not nuclear you will have the grens jumping on you for that then there is wind power which has the enviroMENTAList calling them an eyesore on the landscape they will be a lot happier when we are back on horses and forget technoligy like computers eveil things

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