morddwyd 07:06 22 Nov 2009

I know there's an election looming, but isn't this a bit far?

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I suppose we should be thankful that at least Brown used an official pool photographer rather than bring his own duly paid up paty hack.

  Snec 08:59 22 Nov 2009

I think there is nothing that is "a bit far" for any of them any more. It would be hard to find less genuine human beings anywhere in the world than todays bunch of parliamentary scoundrels.

  morddwyd 10:22 22 Nov 2009

"You have to see the irony of the Mail exploiting 'the fallen' "

The Mail just happened to be the one that came up.

This story was widely reported, and I first heard it on tv news.

Storm in a teacup it might be, but that teacup contains most of the on-line news media.

  Forum Editor 11:04 22 Nov 2009

on the part of both party leaders to make some PR capital out of a major event. The fact that an Abbey official gave permission for the Browns to be photographed isn't the point - the official hadn't realised that earlier on David Cameron had been photographed by his own photographer. That was quite obviously a staged event, and Gordon Brown made sure that he had his own photographic moment in the garden of remembrance.

They were both guilty of using the remembrance day service for publicity purposes, but that's what politicians do - they seem to be oblivious to the fact that we're capable of spotting childish contrivance when we see it. How either of them could for one moment think that photos of them looking solemn as they gazed at crosses would result in more votes is beyond me.

  jakimo 12:17 22 Nov 2009

Hes still at it, fourm member continues his one man crusade against the mail,must have forgot to take his tablets

  caccy 14:24 22 Nov 2009

Have they no morals!
This must be about as low as anybody can get, both of them should be pilloried

  morddwyd 19:32 22 Nov 2009

"it started with the Mail story posted online at 0144 this morning."

I'll take your word for it.

I don't follow the online news sites that closely, particularly at quarter to two in the morning.

  Forum Editor 19:38 22 Nov 2009

You need to bear in mind how this all works. There's an election coming up - the stakes for both these men are enormously high. If one of them is photographed looking solemn in the garden of remembrance, for whatever reason, the other must also be there, and be photographed. Otherwise the headline would be as suggested by fourm member.

Both men have press advisers, and one of them got it wrong - the other one had no choice, he had to advise that Gordon Brown was similarly photographed.

All such photo situations must be viewed in the context that I've outlined, and when you do that you'll realise that attempts are being made to manipulate your judgement - you won't be fooled.

  namtas 20:31 22 Nov 2009

"How either of them could for one moment think that photos of them looking solemn as they gazed at crosses would result in more votes is beyond me"

One solitary photo over the life of a Government has no effect at all, but that is not the way PR or rather Marketing works (as this is what this is). A constant steady profile drip fed over time, especially in memorable and interesting positions creates the image. I should imagine that this is much the same way that consumers are seduced by visual product images as in TV advertising It is all about Public Profile and perception.

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