The Election & Labour Party

  Autoschediastic 02:42 10 Jan 2010

Just having a chat with a good freind & we got into who we both thought would win the election this year.? we was devided i said i doubt Labour would come anywhere close & i belive the Tories had the best chance whereas my mate thought that labour may have a Trump Card up there sleeve & they will deliver it when the time is right!

Whats your views would you back labour if not who.?

  Quickbeam 07:14 10 Jan 2010

How glad we were to get New Labour all those years ago, how glad we will be to get New Tory this time, how glad we will be to get New and Improved Labour in about ten years... spot the pattern?

  morddwyd 07:38 10 Jan 2010

I would love to see the back of Labour if there was a reasonable alternative, but I'm afraid Cameron isn't it.

(And don't give me the usual about voting for a party or policy not an individual. In these press and TV driven days image is everything.)

  bremner 09:00 10 Jan 2010

If that is true then we are clearly heading for a massive Tory landslide with Mr Charisma leading the Laour Party!

  michaelw 09:14 10 Jan 2010

I'd vote for whoever delivers a more socialistic approach. This lot are more like the old Tories and haven't been for the people in general.

Whoever does get in has a hell of a job to clear up all the messes left by GB's mob.

  Forum Editor 09:34 10 Jan 2010

Please read the paragraph at the top of the Speakers Corner front page - the part about partisan politics applies. I'll delete any posts which seek to promote one party or another.

  bri-an 09:58 10 Jan 2010

Partisan politics is a difficult issue to 'police', I would say.

For example if posters refer to the party leaders in terms which obviously show strong feelings (one example recently was FE asking someone not to keep using Tony Bliar) - would using these types of expressions constitute 'partisanship'?

Glad I don't have to make the decisions!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 10 Jan 2010

Any words uttered by any party leader will be worthless. I would suggest that a read of what Labour was promising before they got elected will biggest poison chalice of all time as economic growth can only be based on manufacturing output i.e. something that is quantifiable and measurable not on Grimms Briothers, la-la land figures that the banks spew out. As far as I know, manufacturing in the UK is in a bit of a dire state and it is not something that can be built up quickly esp. as China is going hell for leather in the manufacturing stakes.


  Forum Editor 11:05 10 Jan 2010

"Partisan politics is a difficult issue to 'police', I would say."

It's not too difficult, I've been doing it for many years.

  Forum Editor 11:19 10 Jan 2010

will be worthless".

I'm inclined to agree - just watch Prime Minister's question time if you need any confirmation.

The thing is, lots of politicians have very strong convictions, and genuinely want to serve their constituents - I have no doubt of it, but....

Power - the possession and use of it - is a narcotic; once politicians have tasted it they want to hang on, and they'll say and do things in order to keep it. To be fair that doesn't just apply to politicians, it's noticeable in all walks of life, as anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world will know.

It's in our nature to criticise the government of the day because we have a high level of expectation - we think that when we elect a new government it will right all wrongs, and make life better for all of us. If you doubt that, just look back at the wave of euphoric expectation which swept America when Barack Obama was elected. It wasn't just in America, we had people in our forum posting about him as though he was the Messiah of the world.

All politicians know about expectation and reality, and all of them know that if they told the absolute truth about the current state of our economic affairs they would all have to say the same things - so they don't tell the truth, they obfuscate and tell us a modified version of it.

Keep that in mind, and you'll realise the one basic truth - we are in a mess, and the solution is going to be a long and painful one, whichever party is in power. If we decide to elect a government of a different political hue we will be criticising it within months of the election - in fact some people will be saying exactly the same things about the new Prime Minister as they're now saying about the present one.

  Joseph Kerr 13:19 10 Jan 2010

Yup, all the same the lot o' them. Money grabbing cheating lying greasebags. Hang 'em 'n' flog 'em i say.

Yes, if the tories win many will be saying the same things about them before too long. Maybe they could try thinking. With voters like these, tehy wil get what they deserve and the country will be doomed.

If i were to say any more i would get party political (almost impossible not to in these threads and whats more theyre pointless if you cant), so im off.

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