Election - How any Recounts?

  morddwyd 18:16 16 Jun 2017

It has just been revealed that in the local constituency the first count gave the Lib Dems victory by three votes.

The recount gave the Lib Dems victory by two votes.

Another recount gave the SNP victory by two votes, and the Returning Officer declared this as the result and refused another recount!

Can't help feeling something is not quire right, though there is no legal challenge.

If best of three wasn't good enough we should at least have had best of five!

  bumpkin 18:30 16 Jun 2017

If they are incapable of counting correctly then I suppose the only fair solution is another vote.

  john bunyan 18:38 16 Jun 2017

Yes, demand a recount- up to 7 in the past


  morddwyd 21:01 16 Jun 2017

You cab demand all you want, but if the Returning Officer declares a result, that's it!

  lotvic 21:23 16 Jun 2017

Perhaps a case of 'keep recounting until you get the result I wanted'.

  morddwyd 09:33 17 Jun 2017

Perhaps a case of 'keep recounting until you get the result I wanted'.

My misgivings exactly.

While the ERO is obviously neutral, his boss, the council, is controlled by a Lab/SNP alliance.

  john bunyan 10:58 17 Jun 2017

The election result can be challenged: see


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