Election Cockup...

  Quickbeam 00:57 07 May 2010

The most prominent news coverage of this this election is over the polling stations that locked people out without being able to vote.

I'm surprised that a slightly increased turnout has caused such chaos, is the number of polling stations really so finely managed that they can't cope with a few percent more voters.

There are other cases where they ran out of ballot papers. I would have thought that every polling station would have sufficient to allow for a 100% turnout.

There's also talk of legal challenges in these constituencies if they are so close in the poll that they may have affected the result.

How does a first world power, with a history of successful elections for centuries suddenly manage to cockup equal to the US 'chads' cockup of a few years ago?

  Al94 01:27 07 May 2010

If you'd allowed for a 60% turnout in terms of enough ballot papers, you wouldnt have gone far wrong.

Just another example of how useless this country now is at running the most basic of services yet in general terms half the population can't be bothered to get off their backsides and vote, and a surprisingly large number want to see Goon Brown and his cohorts who have destroyed this country over the last three terms, stay on. First world power???

  Quickbeam 01:46 07 May 2010

Well, we're not third world yet...

  Quickbeam 01:50 07 May 2010

There's quite a few near 70% turnouts this time around, but they still can't predict the result, it's very erratic. They're all saying it's a unique election that doesn't fit any previous model.

  Chegs ®™ 03:47 07 May 2010

I admit to being really confused.All the political spin asking us to actually get off our collective backsides and vote,then when lots of us do...we get locked out the polling stations or told "sorry,we're out of ballot papers"

I voted today,but only because it was such a beautiful day I took the dog for a long walk which passed several polling booths and reminded me to do my bit.

  Quickbeam 07:13 07 May 2010

When I posted this it was because that Sheffield (20 miles from me) had failed miserably. Now it seems that the whole country has had problems with an almost 70% turnout

  morddwyd 08:50 07 May 2010

These are the sort of stories we are used to seeing from central Africa or Asia, not the country with the so-called Mother of Parliaments.

  birdface 09:36 07 May 2010

and a surprisingly large number want to see Goon Brown and his cohorts who have destroyed this country over the last three terms, stay on. First world power???

Now if they were that bad The Tory's should have had a landslide victory.
Unfortunately they should have dumped the party leader long before the election as he was not that popular.
I believe that any other person rather than David Cameron and the Tory's would have had there victory.
As it is I cannot see any of the 2 party leaders lasting very long.
The knives will be out and the back stabbing will commence.

  canarieslover 09:49 07 May 2010

How long would polling stations have to be open to satisfy everybody? It seems to me a bit like shopping where many stores become very busy just before closing time. How do you 'man up' to deal with situations like this? Do you have a venue and enough staff to enable everybody to arrive at the same time? Perhaps we should have something similar to 'last orders' and 'drinking up time' whereby you have to be in the polling station by a certain time and then the doors close and those inside are allowed to vote. Would on line voting give an improvement or would everybody try to log on at the last moment and make it impossible to get a connection?
Lack of ballot slips is an unforgiveable error, there should be enough for everybody.

  Grey Goo 09:59 07 May 2010

We are all going to feel the pain whatever deals are done behind closed doors. Those who remember the 70's will have seen the shambles this situation brings.

  Quickbeam 12:47 07 May 2010

I don't quite see your stance. First you criticise the PR model, and now the present model.

What's your ideal model for electing a fair representative of the people?

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