Before election campaigning gets going in earnest

  Forum Editor 03:04 06 Apr 2010

perhaps I could offer a reminder to all of you who will take part in the inevitable round of election-based threads.

Politics is one of those topics which polarises opinion, and as we all know, it's fairly common for debates on the subject to overheat, and for people to say in haste things they might repent upon reflection. Let's try to avoid personal innuendo and offensiveness, and steer clear of obvious party-political campaigning - I don't want to see any party political broadcasts in our threads.

It's not an easy line to walk, and in moderating the discussions I'll try to bear that in mind. Any offensive posts will be deleted without reference to the person responsible, although I'll gladly explain if approached via email.

  morddwyd 08:44 06 Apr 2010

Gosh FE, I knew you kept a good eye on the forums but 03.04am!!

Really looking forward to the media frenzy that passes for election campaigning these days.

Thank God for Sky+. Record the news and wind on the politicians!

  ronalddonald 09:25 06 Apr 2010

jove ive got it everyone vote for the no no party

  Forum Editor 09:43 06 Apr 2010

It was 10:04 a.m where I am.

  Armchair 09:54 06 Apr 2010

I cannot imagine any such posts making any difference to a PCA regular poster's point of view, anyway. They would just bounce off like a peashooter firing at a Tiger tank.

  Forum Editor 10:08 06 Apr 2010

That's not the reason we don't want to see them.

  wiz-king 12:52 06 Apr 2010

I thought that electioneering had been going for months! It cant get much worse .... can it?

  Quickbeam 13:15 06 Apr 2010

Yes it can...:(

  jakimo 13:34 06 Apr 2010

At the time of writing,it would be difficult to choose a party or a leader worthy of a vote,as there is a shortage of both a personality or policy worth considering,...may improve with time.

  morddwyd 19:42 06 Apr 2010

Thought it might be something like that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 06 Apr 2010

7 hrs ahead, bet FE is following F1 out in Malaysia :0)

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