elderly patients put on "special list"

  kidsis 13:51 18 Oct 2012

anyone seen the article about doctors being told to compile a list of their elderly patients with a view to not treating them when they become ill. I think this is a very worrying development. Those of us who are not that elderly (yet) may well have friends or relatives who are. Is there anything people can do to make sure that their elderly relatives are not on such a list or get them off the list if they are. I wonder if a freedom of information request to the doctor would help.

  Condom 14:13 18 Oct 2012


I haven't seen anything about this so perhaps a link to the article would assist people in evaluating its authenticity.

  johndrew 14:34 18 Oct 2012

Apparently the old DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) entry on hospital documents is being replace with "Pathway". Currently this is being trialled. I have seen reports where next of kin are unaware their relations have been selected by hospital staff for this special treatment - presumably the patient is also unaware.

Apparently, although the medical profession oppose euthanasia they are prepared to kill by not providing normal sustenance and fluids. Is it possible that such action is now being applied as a form of economy in the NHS generally? If so perhaps it would be kinder to employ veterinary surgeons to supply an overdose of anaesthetic!!

  lotvic 15:35 18 Oct 2012

kidsis, I can't find any reference to that. Please post a link or say where you saw the article.

  Bing.alau 16:24 18 Oct 2012

As an ex-long serving serviceman, I believe I am entitled to some sort of priority. But when I mentioned that to a specialist I had waited five months to see he just laughed and said it depends on circumstances.

Any priority I may have had in the past, looks like it will be eroded because of my age.

Incidentally I have just got back home after waiting with my partner in one of these Walk in Nurse Led (whatever that means) clinics. She had a nasty cut thumb. We waited three hours in all. But what annoyed me slightly was that there was a woman there who had also been waiting for a couple of hours when we got there. She was 102 years old and was only needing a dressing changing on her leg. I can't understand why she wasn't given top priority and maybe they should have gone to her rather for her to wait in a clinic for hours. (Two hours is a big percentage lump out of the remainder of your life when you are that age).

  cruiser2 16:30 18 Oct 2012

There has been an article in today's Daily Mail about this.

  Forum Editor 16:43 18 Oct 2012

I think this relates to the stories about the Liverpool Care Pathway - a system that is designed to identify hospital patients who are not going to recover, and are near to death.

The system can include withdrawal of treatment – including the provision of water and nourishment by tube – and on average brings a patient to death in 33 hours. It has been used - to my knowledge - for at least the past three years, and initially was mainly used in cancer care.

It has been - according to the NHS - very successful, and has now been introduced for the care of people who are dying from other illness and conditions such as renal failure, heart failure, and dementia.

The LCP came under the spotlight several months ago, when articles about it began appearing in the press.

  lotvic 21:18 18 Oct 2012

The responses so far do not seem to relate to kidsis's opening sentence.

  Forum Editor 22:49 18 Oct 2012


"The responses so far do not seem to relate to kidsis's opening sentence."

That's probably because none of us has seen or heard of the article referred to. We've all assumed that kidsis is actually talking about the Liverpool Care Pathway, which has certainly been in the news over the past few days.

  lotvic 23:31 18 Oct 2012

FE, that's what I mean, none of us has seen or heard of the article referred to. I think maybe kidsis has misunderstood the LCP.

  Sweet-Tea 02:22 19 Oct 2012

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