tillyio 18:36 01 Dec 2010

Hi Everyone,
we have already booked a week in Edinburgh (travel on 13 dec) and we plan on driving from manchester M6 / M74 with the present weather situation would you say it was save to do this drive or to cancel the weekaway.

  tullie 18:47 01 Dec 2010

We dont know the weather that far ahead.

  peter99co 18:47 01 Dec 2010


  Pine Man 18:49 01 Dec 2010

You are seriously asking for someone to forecast the weather for the 13th December?

My local weather isn't even forecast accurately for the next day sometimes!

  Bingalau 18:49 01 Dec 2010

The roads should be well open again by then. Who knows, with a bit of luck you may get stuck up there for Hogmany, Take plenty of lumps of coal, a bottle of Malt and some cash.

  peter99co 18:50 01 Dec 2010

Monday 13 December 2010 to Sunday 26 December 2010

Through to Christmas
Confidence becomes much lower as we look further ahead into the Christmas week.

There is a signal that the severity of the cold spell will ease, although with temperatures still a little below normal. This suggests there is still scope for some snow and frost, but it may be more marginal.

  spuds 21:54 01 Dec 2010

I would ask the bookmakers or Walkers Crisps, who seem to have bets on weather forecasts.

Considering how the weather as changed over the past month,it can be anyones guess. Best to contact the Met Office for a long term forecast.

  morddwyd 07:24 02 Dec 2010

Best to wait and see.

  Legolas 09:01 02 Dec 2010

As its Edinburgh I wouldn't bother even in good weather :) Now if it was Glasgow that's a different matter.

  Bapou 16:08 02 Dec 2010

You forgot the salt!

  Pine Man 16:13 02 Dec 2010

When I was a kid ,in the north of England ,it was coal, cash and bread.

Where did the malt whiskey come from, or is this a 'Scotch' tradition;-))

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