Ecclestone under fire over Hitler remarks

  Seth Haniel 13:07 05 Jul 2009

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Following on from the Mosley controversy

when will it end ?

  peter99co 13:25 05 Jul 2009

The man is out of touch with reality. Is he hoping to get F1 into North Korea next?

  Cymro. 13:31 05 Jul 2009

Was it not Mussolini who was said to have got the trains to run on time?

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:52 05 Jul 2009

There is certainly something very wrong with his political views.

Perhaps he should buy himself an island and set up his own right-wing dictatorship, show us all how he thinks it should be done.

He could build himself a motor racing circuit and pay the F1 circus to visit each year.

  johndrew 13:55 05 Jul 2009

I believe one TV news article had a `friend` of Ecclestone`s indicating that he is somewhat dictatorial himself. Perhaps he needs to read a history of what happens to dictators before being sent to direct traffic on the racetrack.

  Jim Thing 14:02 05 Jul 2009

" TV news article had a `friend` of Ecclestone`s ..."

Does he have a friend then?

  Noldi 14:47 05 Jul 2009

Maybe I am alone here.

If you read what Bernie has said is that Hitler did do a lot of good things, I don’t think Bernie is trying to support Hitler in the way of the bad things he did,

What Bernie is trying to say some of the things Hitler did was things like building motorways building up industry’s like Krupp the Worlds largest crane building company in Essen etc he only got them done because he was a dictator and pushed them through not like in a democracy where you would have had years of public enquiry’s etc, he is also basically saying Max Mosley is operating the same.

Look at Yugoslavia and Iraq they turned on each other once the dictator was gone and was life better for these people living Zagreb in a democracy? So my conclusion of what is being explained here is that living under a dictator is not always a bad thing but never ever experienced it myself I cant really comment.

I don’t totally agree with what he has said but if you are not even going to try to understand what one of the richest and efficient businessmen in the UK is saying and listen to the tabloid then that is your choice.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:27 05 Jul 2009

Ecclestone was completely correct in saying that Hitler could get people moving...he did raise the country from economic disaster to full employment. On refelction WWII would appear to have not been a terribly good move though. Iraq is not exactly a barrel of laughs neither since Saddam was executed and the country seems to be pedalling backwards daily. Some people are ever so touchy and need to carefully understand what was said.


  Colin 16:18 05 Jul 2009

This is just typical of society. You can't say anything without someone jumping on you if the slightest opportunity to create controversy or publicity for themselves arises. How many people read past the “shock, horror, probe” headline of most articles in newspapers?

  OTT_Buzzard 17:18 05 Jul 2009

All just sounded like Ecclestone being his usual tactless self with the press. It's Amazing how he's amassed such control over formula 1 - I can only imagine that when he's negotiating with governments over F1 that he's a considerably different person.

  Forum Editor 17:33 05 Jul 2009

People with a high public profile have a responsibility to think for a millisecond or two before opening their mouths - particularly to a journalist.

Bernie's remarks about Hitler were ill-considered, he should know that the mere mention of the name gets people all fired up. As for saying that democracy "hasn't done a lot of good for many countries, including this one" I'm lost for words in the face of such ignorance and stupidity. Bernie is known for his penchant for dictatorships, but that's because he lacks the knowledge that would otherwise protect him from making a public ass of himself.

He's a walking testimony to the fact that having lots of money doesn't necessarily mean you're capable of understanding much outside your own area of expertise.

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