Ebay swindlers. Do they get prosecuted?

  mrwoowoo 17:42 21 Nov 2009

I bought a PS3 game from Ebay from someone with 100% feedback and around 300 transactions, as my usual reliable sellers didn't stock it.
Well, i was unlucky enough to buy at the wrong time as it's now obvious that she was building up a good feedback, ready for a big hit.
This person put numerous items on at once which all finished over two weeks ago. She hasn't sent any of these items out or replied to E-mails, and her phone number doesn't exist.
More and more negative feedbacks are appearing every day,with people claiming back from Paypal. The total amount of money involved is now over £1,500.00.
In cases like this,who? if anyone prosecutes these people. Do Paypal try to take them to court to recover their money or is it Ebay. Is it left to the buyer to inform the police or take legal action.
Surely they don't get away with it, as then it seems the only thing stopping people like you and i doing it is our morals.

  Pamy 17:56 21 Nov 2009

If it was me I would contact the police

  morddwyd 18:10 21 Nov 2009

Depends where she is.

If she's not in the UK the police are dependent on their overseas colleagues.

  Pamy 18:18 21 Nov 2009

That may be so morddwyd, but I would still contact them and give all details

  mrwoowoo 18:36 21 Nov 2009

A few have said that the police have been notified. And i may well do the same. My money should be refunded by Paypal.
I just wondered if anyone knows of any sellers that have been prosecuted in the past, as the only ones that i've heard of are ones in the thousands of pounds.

  rowdy 18:42 21 Nov 2009

It is my understanding that although paypal sends notification of your payment to the seller the money is held in their account for 30 days. This is to protect paypal if the goods are not as stated or are not delivered.


  Pamy 19:02 21 Nov 2009

I have never heard of any one being prosocuted in the past, but the more people that report them may eventually lead to their prosocution.

  Kevscar1 19:11 21 Nov 2009

You will be lucky if Ebay do anything let alone notify the police. I gave up using them after I had informed them 5 times of a pirate who had sold over 2000 copies of Microsoft software.

  egapup 20:17 21 Nov 2009

Hardly a vast amount of money, doesnt seem worth the bother the seller went through.

  scarecrow-bill 20:32 21 Nov 2009

Might seem a small amount, but how many user names/ accounts do they realy have.

  mrwoowoo 00:45 22 Nov 2009

"Hardly a vast amount of money, doesnt seem worth the bother the seller went through".
One and a half grand and rising! How is that not worth listing some items on Ebay. Hardly any bother.
Are you egapup, AKA Rothschild?

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