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  Kev.Ifty 00:01 05 Jun 2005

I have used Ebay a few times to buy stuff. I sometimes use it to look for a specific item to compare prices in the real world.

Sometimes it justs passes the time looking at some of the more unusual [email protected]# sorry stuff available to the awaiting bidder.

Every now and then though i find myself in a state of disbelief. Not at the items being sold, but at the buyers willing to bid on anything!!

I sometimes feel like contacting them and telling them to "READ THE DAMNED WRITE UP MAN" "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING?"

Are these people obliged to pay once they have bid for these 'links to riches' type rubbish?
Whats the penalty if they dont?

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  Never again 00:05 05 Jun 2005

Chill out

There are stupid people everywhere.

Only greedy people will lose out.

ebay is ok but it is still an online boot sale and you should never forget it.

  DieSse 00:06 05 Jun 2005

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

  Never again 00:06 05 Jun 2005

ps - I'm on ebay now!!!!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:14 05 Jun 2005

I note the seller's feedback rating is very poor and DieSse is absolutely right.

  pat-212841 09:45 05 Jun 2005

I paid for a dvd from ebay with Paypal i never recieved it she never answered my emails after 3weeks i am claiming my cash back reported her to ebay then put her a "negative" feedback on to her now she has done the same for me ! but i didnt do anything wrong ! since i put a negative on to her 2 other people have to as well.

  Forum Editor 11:12 05 Jun 2005

and it's wonderful. Behave as if you are going to get something for nothing (or almost nothing) and you'll pay a heavy price - as with everything in life a modicum of commonsense is called for.

I've recently used Ebay to buy a digital camera - I got it for just over half the retail price, and it's in mint condition; hardly used and still in its box with all documentation.

  Pooke 14:20 05 Jun 2005

It does require you to have your wits about you when buying.

I have bought one dud thing out of a dozen purchases, which aint bad going. It was an infra red port really rubbish quality, crashed the PC everytime I tried to use it. I binned it and bought a decent one.

I have bought a Casio G sports watch for £22, retailed at the time for £65, fully boxed with warranty card, on my wrist now! Unwanted gift the guy claimed.... :D

Bought a load of PC games, only BID FOR "new, boxed and sealed" I wouldn't bid otherwise and have saved a fORtune on those. Savings upto £20 on some titles!

Keep your wits about you and you'll be fine, I personally wouldn't risk big amounts on ebay but there are bargains to be had. When buying check feedback and click on some of the items previously sold it'll give you an idea of what the seller is like and what to expect.

  Pooke 14:25 05 Jun 2005

There's people ready to take your money out there, if your stupid enough to give them it, they ain't gonna refuse!

Some things on ebay are mad, the toast on the other thread is a prime example.


  pat-212841 17:31 05 Jun 2005

Trouble is she has done "fraud" she has taken my cash and had no intent to post it to me or the other person and all ebay will do is give her a slap look at the lad in Wales selling stuff he didnt have he made thousands ebay stopped him selling but he just started up under a different name it was only when a buyer got the police in that he stopped ! Pooke is right never pay big money to any one !

  watchful 18:35 05 Jun 2005

You can ask ebay to remove the unjustified feedback.

To all ebay users, if the seller has poor feedback then don't bid.

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